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I think there is merit in the amalgamations in that it means the level of football is of a high standard.

Would there ever be an appetite for the same at senior - similar to how they do it in Kerry? for example Multy/CFCW/Bun would be a strong senior team capable of taking on the big teams? As would say Malachys/Ballinagore, Maryland/Tang etc ?

interested1 (Westmeath) - Posts: 105 - 27/10/2015 16:15:43    1802357


Amalgamated teams means less children from each club get to play games.
Should the GAA at club level be about such elitism?

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1791 - 27/10/2015 16:19:38    1802363


You're missing my point Valley86 slightly. The ammalgamation championship would be a different one to the club. For example , you could have an ammalgamation of moate, caulry, and castledaly (as parish) playing in the amalgamation; yet all three teams would have their own championship also. I believe such a move would give young lads even more football and the chance to play representative football. I'm not too sure about going down that road at senior though. Moreover, if you had a B championship at 13 aside clubs like kilbeggan ballymote milltown St Joseph'scastledaly may be able to field on their own plus they would have the amalgamation to look forward to as well

SouthWestmeath (Westmeath) - Posts: 4 - 27/10/2015 18:16:12    1802415


Yeah. Would be in favour of that in hurling and football.
Are there enough weekends in the year to run it off however

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1791 - 27/10/2015 19:01:09    1802434


The downs is a club with a great heart to it. They would seem to have a lot of very good parents involved currently. Their notes mentioned 80 sessions for the u16 team since January.

wonit1time (Westmeath) - Posts: 450 - 28/10/2015 08:40:49    1802508


I think when the almagated teams idea was voted out it was only meant for one year and then a review after that. I would like to see something brought in perhaps for u-15 and u-17 and run it in a short period. And reduced the number of teams to around 8, maybe seven games league bases and top 2 in final. Also only have only kids of that are older, ie no u-16 on u-17 team would be a good point to start looking at minors for the next year

madbull (Westmeath) - Posts: 194 - 28/10/2015 18:01:08    1802710


The case can also be made that amalgamated teams allow players from smaller clubs the chance to play in the top tier division.

I think the structure down in Kerry for the senior football is the correct way to do it. They have a club championship with senior, intermediate and junior division with no amalgamated teams and then a county championship with stronger clubs standing alone and smaller clubs amalgamated into divisional sides. Lads get the chance to play a club championship with their clubs and then get the chance to play in the senior top tier as part of divisional side.

dakid (Australia) - Posts: 259 - 28/10/2015 18:49:49    1802712


Good to see some "smaller" clubs, mainly inter doimgwell in U-21. Caulry v Moate and Shandonagh v Castledaly/Rosemount in the 15 a side semi's I believe

martyW (Westmeath) - Posts: 253 - 02/11/2015 20:48:08    1803862


Castledaly/Rosemount combination definitely favourites to win under 21 title, Moate won the minor three years ago but they will do very well to beat a side that accounted for loman's last weekend, a look at the Castledaly notes gives an idea of their strength, Fergal Hynes, Lorcan Dolan, Andy McCormack, Padraig Fox, Plunkett Maxwell, Boidu Sayhe, Theo Watts and a couple of other notable players, strong management team of John Donnellan and Frank Lynam too, think they had 8 players on county 21 panel this year, they will be hot favourites to beat Shandonagh, a Moate vs Rosemount/Castledaly final would certainly attract a very decent crowd.

kawaifive0 (Westmeath) - Posts: 112 - 02/11/2015 21:30:44    1803880


So its a Moate V Rosemount/Castledaly final in the U21. Big rivals so should be a good game. On this Saturday @ 3PM in Athlone

martyW (Westmeath) - Posts: 253 - 10/11/2015 12:02:57    1805878


you'd expect rosemount/castledaly to come through that one

sharpshooter23 (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 10/11/2015 16:30:51    1806059


Any rumours of minor hurling manager?

westmeath2015 (Westmeath) - Posts: 153 - 28/11/2015 21:32:02    1810397