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Replying To clare_sparrow:  "Well said. Brennan Grealish and Morrisey would get in to most intercounty teams except Limerick maybe. 3 top drawer corner backs."
Would TJ not be a better halfback? Think Grealish is very underrated.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 8433 - 30/05/2023 17:08:35    2482975


Replying To Stool Pigeon:  "Don't let them worry you, Tommy"
I am getting wrinkles from all the bad-minded punters worrying about them! lol

tommy k (Galway) - Posts: 3012 - 30/05/2023 18:00:24    2482997


Replying To Pope_Benedict:  "Daithi never 'a natural' at no3? A 4or5 time all-star playing the position. He was clearly natural enough to catch the eye of the all-star judges........a lot!!"
Yeah 5 all-stars at fullback so can't argue with that! Of the "pacy" cornerback options to assist GMac at the moment I was thinking Tuohy who won an AI in 2017 playing at right corner back may be worth trying there along with Grealish in the other corner but I hope Grealish will not be marking Cody as Cody always roasts him for 4 or 5 points in every game they play these days it seems!

tommy k (Galway) - Posts: 3012 - 30/05/2023 18:12:12    2483000


Replying To Kinvara:  "Daithi Burke not a natural FB and Whelan a midfielder

This might be the worst post on this board and that beats some seriously stiff competition"
Wow a bit sensitive are you not?

It's not as if I said he was a bad fullback or anything, just that he's such a much better centre back and I'll stand by that. He's in his best position now and he's been proving it all season...he gets to play with the freedom his talents deserve, don't know why you take issue with that?

Another poster says he was our best full back ever, well if he was I don't believe Henry would have moved him anywhere else and got away with it. No one has been on here knocking down the walls screaming for him to swap with GMAC at FB, have they now! You'd imagine there'd be an outcry if we moved our "best full back" ever anywhere else. You're talking tosh and so are others.

As for Whelan you'd leave him suffering with loss of form at full forward...would you? To my mind he's talented enough to play anywhere in the forwards and midfield too if need be, why such little faith? He needs to be moved out to get him on the ball and recover his confidence.

I hate this narrow mindedness...oh he's a full back, you can't play him anywhere else or he's only a full forward, he won't work at centre forward! Too often in Galway we drown in our lack of ambition or innovation.

Flaherty (UK) - Posts: 107 - 30/05/2023 19:52:33    2483022


Replying To Throughthemidfieldhewasstormin:  "Galway love an accident prone goalie in both sports. Colm Callanan was a super goalie, pity he wasn't 10 years younger.
Eanna Murphy isn't terrible but there's always a worry with him. The big wind up has been caught a few times and I remember Niall Mitchell actually scored a goal direcctly by blocking him down. What happend Darach Fahy, was very impressed when he was drafted in to play Waterford championship 2021, one of the bright sparks from that day, maybe he's just not doing it in training or challenge games, Henry no fool tbf. Eanna Murphy poor under the high ball, he's conceded a few that way too, the goal Conor MacDonald scored a few weeks ago was very poor by him. He was good last year, still had some wobbles, the goal by Kilkenny in Salthill was awful at the end, but overall was one of the better goalies in Ireland last yea but seems to have gone back to his 2020/21 form again. His puckouts are either excellent or terrible atm, missing some brilliant ones with terrible ones, I'll give him credit that he does try things but maybe goes overboard with things, seems to overthink things at times. Hopefully that's the poor performances out of the way this year and he pushes on"
Well said and yeah he needs a bit of mentoring on the risk taking for sure, let's hope his concentration improves with bigger games ahead.

Flaherty (UK) - Posts: 107 - 30/05/2023 19:59:12    2483025


Replying To Kinvara:  "Daithi Burke not a natural FB and Whelan a midfielder

This might be the worst post on this board and that beats some seriously stiff competition"
Whelan has spent plenty of time operating around the middle for Kinvara. Generally to good effect, as no more than Joe Canning with Portumna, your best players need to be involved as often as possible. No more than Canning for Galway in the 'bad days' there would be no point in Whelan playing 14 for Kinvara unless they can get the ball to him consistently.

And for all that Dáithi Burke in full flight is a sight to behold, we can't get away from the fact the unit as a whole wasn't hectic during his tenure in the 3 shirt. While it would be hard to point to a single 'incident' he was 'responsible for' the stability of the unit trumps the individual and we concede(d) plenty of avoidable goals, and I'm not referring to sunday's, which were of the laughably soft variety, the sort that you just say 'please try not to repeat that, gentlemen'

The post you refer to was one of the better ones I have ever seen here, though at the end of the day, all it is, is a matter of opinion, of course.

He is thinking outside the box, and I applaud him for it.

Stool Pigeon (Galway) - Posts: 718 - 31/05/2023 07:38:34    2483059