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Kildare crest.

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Lots of talk about the place recently that the Kildare crest might be going back to the old snake. Anyone else hear this?

JacksieR (Kildare) - Posts: 27 - 09/05/2015 15:36:17    1721761


Hi I heard that as well. This will be one snake that st patrick will never get rid of. Long live the kildare snake

MrKildare (Kildare) - Posts: 6 - 14/05/2015 11:41:44    1723550


Apologies for my ignorance on the matter but does anyone know the history behind the snake and the kildare crest??

11jm11 (Kildare) - Posts: 345 - 14/05/2015 12:39:28    1723587


I noticed the snake is on the crest of Naas as well link. Not a big fan of the Kildare, Carlow and Louth GAA logos - they're way too basic.

mayo_hurler (Mayo) - Posts: 113 - 15/05/2015 12:17:47    1723929