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Move Galway Vs Mayo To Tuam Stadium

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Replying To MTS:  "Sure Tuam will be sorted when the county board give them the floodlight for votes."
I don't think there's flood lighting in either venues

Toman (Galway) - Posts: 412 - 28/02/2020 13:06:54    2270669


I would prefer the games be in Tuam as much as possible as it's closer for me and I just feel it has better atmosphere when it's a packed Tuam stadium rather than an empty Pearse.

But I don't understand people's obsession with getting away early after matches.

Seeing people leave in droves early baffles me. I mean, you've committed to the day out to support your county and watch the match.

What is so exciting in your home life that you're in such a hurry back? :)

You're likely to sit around discussing the match and having a post mortem on this anyway so why not see the full game and take your time driving home and chatting about the match?

Family time is on a premium these days anyway with people either sat in front of a TV or busy with work.

Some of my best childhood memories are travelling to and from games discussing the matches and I'd wish the car journey would last hours longer.

AYearTillSunday (Galway) - Posts: 7 - 28/02/2020 13:52:39    2270690


Replying To rhudson:  "I get the feeling if there was enough people interested
We could raise a huge amount to get money to get Tuam Stadium up graded
Getting a major company or sponsor on board too would help
Im sure PJ must have some good contacts too
Now just to add I live in the city but would rather Tuam anyday"
If that was the case, then DAFTs would have surpassed their targets a long time ago.

And that isn't to say they haven't hit their targets. They have received fantastic support. Theres only so much fundraising can do.

FallenStar (Galway) - Posts: 282 - 01/03/2020 11:40:07    2271078


Not going to happen I can't see the CB moving any of these of games from pearse

Ninnallik (Galway) - Posts: 43 - 03/03/2020 12:13:40    2271921