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I see Armagh are taking a proactive step in reviewing and improving their games structure, what a great way to give club players a voice.

Fermanagh County Board take note - with your typical attitude you might pencil something like this for in and around 2020, and then not do it. Your traditional, outdated, not fit for purpose fixtures strategy such as consistently playing senior league games on Sunday's at 3.30pm (3pm now so to have them played before it gets dark!) when players are crying out for Saturday night games or 12 noon on a Sunday.

Also, when have St. Michael's become so poor at football? See they were thumped by 20 points today in a McRory match!

solano (None) - Posts: 501 - 23/10/2015 17:54:53    1801621


solano, fully agree with you on this! Its time to listen to the club player!

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 27/10/2015 09:22:50    1802119


sidelinecut40 - I love you...

solano (None) - Posts: 501 - 27/10/2015 17:11:12    1802386