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Dr McKenna Cup 2014

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Ok macca999 or galloonbaffoon or whatever you call yourself at this moment in time here is your actual quote:

16/01/2014 10:23:09
County: Fermanagh
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",,, As aways scoring seems to be problem as we are relying mainly on Sean and Seamie Quigley but with some of the mentioned names plus Tomas Corrigan,Ryan Jones and Eamon Maguire we could perhaps get more of a spread of scores."

You believe that the Quigleys aren't good enough at scoring you want others to take over to resolve the scoring problem ...is that not what you said?

abc1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 390 - 16/01/2014 14:45:25    1532605


You must be very slow, his point is that Fermanagh are laegely dependent on Quigleys scores, with little contribution from anyone else. He is not saying the Quigleys are poor playwrs

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2109 - 16/01/2014 15:32:55    1532631


FoolsGold you are well named! So 'fool' we know what this poster meant as there is a history of swipes at the said brothers made by him previously. If you read in context of history I know what he meant and standby my my original comments. So 'fool' go back to your forum and worry more about the hammering Monaghan are going to gives you on Sunday!

abc1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 390 - 16/01/2014 16:21:33    1532667


"worry" I will. Hopefully not as big as the hammering for Fermanagh last night.

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2109 - 16/01/2014 16:39:00    1532683


abc1234 Calm down of course Fermanagh could use a few more boys doing the scoring. Nothing bad being said about Sean and Sheamus in that.

Ultan. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 78 - 16/01/2014 16:44:53    1532686


ultan...what are ye on about?

abitawit (Fermanagh) - Posts: 274 - 16/01/2014 17:33:19    1532721


This to let you all know that this macca999 guy is also posting under abitawit, foolsgold, ultan and galloonbaffoon.

Best advice to abc1234 is to ignore him as he is trying to justify the unjustifiable in the comment about the Quigleys.

ekn_teacher (Fermanagh) - Posts: 238 - 16/01/2014 17:57:02    1532730


Hi macca999 could you please backup your statement "The lack of respect and professional from the top at county board level is seeping down to players and the clubs at all levels,which is detrimental to players having pride and wanting to represent their county,this is highlighted by the fact that some of the best players in our small county dont want to play for Fermanagh,something we cant afford!"

You seemed to blame the county board and question their professionalism and commitment which couldn't be further from the truth. You just go around trying to find fault with everyone from the top down to the players. Your arrogance and lack of managerial knowledge is typical of the 'armchair' brigade who offer little constructive input to the GAA except criticism. As for using newly appointed players, that has been come practice among all counties completing in the Dr McKenna Cup or similar competitions because managers see that as the platform for introducing these new players to intercounty football so that they are prepared for the challenges that lay ahead in league and championship later in the season. Your negative contributions do nothing to inspire confidence and are regularly tinged with an anti-county board stance.

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 17/01/2014 13:43:29    1533006


REMEMBER 2004 not much difference.....


Dr McKenna Cup
LOST At Lisnaskea, Charlie experiments with new players but still should have won this one but always struggled
Queens University 1-11
Fermanagh 1-10

LOST At Kingscourt, again Charlie getting to know his players.
Cavan 2-12
Fermanagh 1-11

LOST At Enniskillen after abmissal performance & real lack of effort
Donegal 1-16
Fermanagh 0-10

just saying like!

Nontheism (Fermanagh) - Posts: 105 - 17/01/2014 15:28:49    1533079


Gaalltheway....in response to one of macca999 comments where he criticised the county board, you said,

"You seemed to blame the county board and question their professionalism and commitment which couldn't be further from the truth."

I agree totally with you (gaalltheway), the county board are definitely not to blame, im sure everyone involved in the gaa in this county know what a good job they do, its absolutely disgraceful that macc999 should dish out criticism to them. who in their rite mind could point the finger of blame at the county board!

Theirs no doubt in my mind that other counties look at the professional setup by our county board here in fermanagh to try and emulate its success, they are a group of real leaders with iniative and vision...keep up the good work lads!!

anyhow moving on, i hear the u21 championship match kicks of in a few weeks, any word of who the manager is yet?lol,

abitawit (Fermanagh) - Posts: 274 - 18/01/2014 13:11:12    1533340


Great to see macca999, the tandem man silenced by posters opposed to his opinions!!!

In regard to the future of Fermanagh, this manager might have the shortest reign of all as I see can see the county supporter exploding into anger if Fermanagh are demoted to league division 4 of the NFL.

The best solution may be to invite John O'Neill back.

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 18/01/2014 19:51:41    1533483


I doubt that anyone will silence the tandem man! However, what he is saying does makes sense to many of us although he does have selective views when it comes to the Quigleys. As for his views on the co board I believe he is right and fir far too long they have go away with patting themselves on the back foolishly believing that they are handling the affairs of managing the GAA game effectively whereas the truth is that they have consistently failed miserably as they lack leadership, radical thinking and foresight which has left Fermanagh ready to drop to the bottom division once again. There needs to be a root and branch change in the county administration in order rid themselves of the traditional ancient power hungry men and replace with energetic progressive thinking co board who could a plan to put youth development to the forefront in order that eventual future county teams are skilled sufficiently to take on the task of inter county football and make Fermanagh a force to be reckoned with. Until this 'rot' is removed from our co board the county teams are destined for a bleak future!

Coa_gael (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1159 - 19/01/2014 13:56:54    1533683


fermanagh should be embarrassed to see their mediocre neighbouring cavan footballers in the mckenna cup final.

Up4it. (Tyrone) - Posts: 190 - 19/01/2014 17:49:56    1533831


@Up4it. Away with ye! Cavan are a very good and improving side. They have been over the last few years - just ask your last few u21 county managers. They are some way off beginning the finished article and may need a few more years. Id say they are favorites for promotion.

At least Cavan let their students play for their universities.

Nontheism (Fermanagh) - Posts: 105 - 20/01/2014 10:35:23    1534092


cen fath up4it?

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 20/01/2014 10:40:26    1534096


Up4it. Do you say the same thing to yourself when Donegal, Armagh or Monaghan do well? Be off with ya.

We need to have a look at how Cavan have improved their youth setup, minor and u21 teams and try learn a thing or two.

tinopener (Fermanagh) - Posts: 10 - 20/01/2014 21:38:51    1534499