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only two hurling teams in the county??? yous are a joke!!!

Up4it. (Tyrone) - Posts: 190 - 09/08/2013 21:53:10    1457956



So why yours were relegated to Div 4 in the NHL and Fermanagh retained Div3 status beating yous during it? Not bad for 2 clubs in the county!!!

Also just to point out we've one club who have won both Junior and Intermediate ulster club titles and will now compete in the senior championship....... Not bad for a Fermanagh team!?!

As for our three other posters, typical spake from typical Fermanagh people. One has GAA in their name, but clearly not a GAA man. And Jacob....laughable comment, but remember anyone can kick a ball especially the size 5 we use.....but not everyone can hit a sliotar :)

Ferm4Sam (Fermanagh) - Posts: 161 - 10/08/2013 12:59:11    1458055


Could something not be done to promote an amagamation of clubs in the county to increase the no. of clubs?

For example in the west of the county you could have Belcoo, Devenish, Erne Gaels and Derrygonnelly.
In the south of the county you could have Teemore, Derrylin and Kinawley.
In the north of the county you could have Irvinestown, Tempo and St. Josephs.
In the east of the county you could have Roslea, Aughdrumsee, St Pats, Newtownbutler and Brrokeboro.
In the middle of the couny you could have Enniskillen, Coa and Belnaleck.

There's five new clubs in the county to start hurling from under 10 upwards to compliment the other three clubs in the county, employ a full time hurling development officer and coach to set the structures up and with a little vision, encouragement in 15 years time there could be 8 clubs in the county

irlande (Fermanagh) - Posts: 535 - 13/08/2013 14:36:51    1460493


JACOB86 What is the difference between hurls form wales and fooball boots from china?? UP THE HURLERS!! Brought back 5 times the amount of silverware as the footballers have in past decade

UPTHEFLEADH (Fermanagh) - Posts: 5 - 13/08/2013 17:07:38    1460690


Great idea irlande. If you had those in addition to the clubs already there it would be great for the game in Fermanagh.

Ultan. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 78 - 03/09/2013 16:56:12    1474290


Just jumping in here as a very interested party of the development of hurling in counties not associated with the sport. As ever the predjudice of people is the same on the fermanagh page as it is on many other counties. (Still haven't found anything as anti-hurling as the Tyrone page though, can't beleive they call themselves gaels when they only play one sport#0. Anyway I was just reading some of your ideas and would say the amaglamation of football clubs to start hurling is a very good idea and does work. The thing is the kids lose identity when they get into their teens and then go back to just playing football and lose the dual status. This could be remedied with football clubs starting experiment all adult teams whereby yougnster coming up through the levels could play for their old club once they were old enough.

Cavan will be the real turning point for a blueprint on how to save hurling. Beleive me the GAA are detrimental to it. Look at Clare! the GAA had nothing to do with there resergence. It was built on development squads, coaching, patience and a belief that if the right mehtod is in place a lot can be achieved. I would also so that fernmanagh could rise through the ranks in hurling a lot faster than they could in football.

Fishermantom (Limerick) - Posts: 569 - 14/10/2013 16:10:34    1500687


I would love to see this happen but I think the chances are slim. Just too many factors going against hurling here in Fermanagh. We have a competitive club football scene. Teams wouldn't have massive panels though. Your talking around 40 lads for the average club team playing between senior and reserve teams. Take 5 lads out of that to play hurling and the squad is slim for the footballers. So in all honesty its unlikely to get much support from clubs. We have a small population coupled with a lower percentage of that population taking part in any form of our games compared to other counties on the island.

I believe it requires stratigies to be put in place like that in Cavan by the GAA for the weaker counties. The Fermanagh county board would never put something like this in place.

Ultan. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 78 - 14/10/2013 17:05:47    1500719


wat kind a team u got this year

bigj83 (Donegal) - Posts: 148 - 12/02/2014 11:52:40    1545094


Pretty much the exact same squad as last season.
Donegal big favourites for Sunday

Erne_Supporter (Fermanagh) - Posts: 136 - 12/02/2014 20:50:42    1545406


Well done to the hurlers this week. Good second half and with half of a team out. Bring on Louth. What do people think of the hurlers?

law01 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 28 - 17/02/2014 15:17:48    1547436