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What are you on about, nosense?

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2501 - 24/10/2014 13:13:01    1666838


Fintan Obama makes some telling comments and is mostly on the button.

Ger Monan and Down got demoted to division 3 two seasons ago and we have remained there since so he's correct that is a regression and one that needs to be rectified as a matter of urgency. Playing against Donegal and others is not going to assist young lads from all clubs to make the next step to playing Antrim, Derry and the like

The comments about club hurling are also correct and I believe one ards club was relegated to Antrim division 2 twice in three years(sword of Damocles missed the first time), one other struggles and the remaining one won the title this year and were mid table last year so not exactly blazing a path in Antrim.
In regards to Kevin Ryan and his like I'm not so sure, Paul Flynn came on board and possibly brings much more to any party that Kevin Ryan does, one of the best forwards ever to grace a field. Club politics are everywhere and Antrim should know that better than most but it is a valid point nonetheless. Derry would have major problems with dual players and yet Dinny Cahill is now travelling there
The county board on the whole would be football people that's a given but some clubs and senior managers would be more of a hindrance.

As for the management of the antrim league winners I think the reason people from within that club and others have difficulty is because of the complete failure come championship. Leagues are for playing in but the real pressure is applied at championship time and this is why there are many hurling fans who think this management are not good enough to get us into div 2, a CR win or even an Ulster Championship and most believe we need an outside manager but not from the big smoke

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 24/10/2014 14:05:06    1666869


'Leagues are for playing-championships are for winning'- what a load of nonsense. Its no wonder hurling is suffering in Down. Bredagh might have got one day in the sun, but their terrible run in the Antrim league now means that they are relegated to a division where some teams struggle to field. How is that going to improve the standard of hurling in the County? Portaferry may have won the Senior Championship but they very nearly joined Ballygalget in relegation to Div 2 Antrim. and they don't stand a chance against Cushendall. If the Hurling Clubs in Down are serious about raising the standard of competition, particularly at juvenile level they need to take a bold step and break rank with Down, as the County dont give a fiddlers about hurling any more.

FintanObama (Antrim) - Posts: 8 - 24/10/2014 22:02:05    1667028


Who remembers where people finish in the league? Ballycastle have had good league campaigns recently but still haven't won championship? St Johns have decent league campaigns always gets stuffed by the North Antrim teams come Championship? Its a totally different animal when it comes to championship. Ballygalget and Portaferry don't have the biggest or best panels so when people are on holiday, injured, christenings, weddings etc. there isn't much more of a panel to choose from only having 15-17 good enough at senior, with Ballycran having a better squad - hence the good league campaigns. Championship is about best on the day, best 15/16 - which everybody wants to play and whoever wins show their true colours - they are possible the better hurler when it matters? I'm not from Portaferry, but i'd rather win Championship than a league, however its a great achievement for the Crans.

Nobody really cares who wins the national league, its all about the 2nd week in September, am I wrong?

Although I agree that Down being in div3 is no good to anybody, but that maybe their level at the minute. They up'd their game for CR and won it - fair play! But still need to improve and should be up in the div below antrim, with kerry, Derry, Westmeath etc. pushing for top spot in that league every year and gain some of the glory back like the teams of old.

Just remember, Kerry won league - getting beat by offaly on the promotion/relegation play off and got beat in the CR final to Kildare that got relegated from their league.. ask the Kerry ones what they rather have..

Cattleman6 (Down) - Posts: 96 - 30/10/2014 11:00:41    1668256


League is only a dress rehearsal for the championship.. look at the all star selections enough said.. While the league is very important, i think too many people get caught up with them up north. In the big hurling counties in Munster, Leinster they will tell you the real hurling only begins in June/July..
Any word on a new county manager? is there a steering committee actively looking?

dingle82 (Down) - Posts: 188 - 30/10/2014 12:58:02    1668314


Still no replacement for Gerard Monan. We would need to be getting a move on as a squad will have to be picked and get strength and conditioning and pre season training started. Cant slip up on promotion this time. we must get out of 2b. Ballycran win Antrim League and Portaferry the Ulster Championship and yet a massive gulf has been allowed to develop between Antrim and Down at senior county level. An Dun schools also gives us hope for the future. So lets get on with it, get a new management in place and get cracking. Surely we can only move in one direction now.

down12792 (Down) - Posts: 123 - 12/11/2014 14:03:52    1671749


Looking as if the Co Board are unable to find a suitable successor to Gerard Monan. Not surprising really. maybe its time for them to approach him about coming back. Players tell me he was the best manager they ever played under at either club or county level. it is vital to get someone the players want and equally important to get the clubs to agree to the county having first call on the players during the inter county season. this is the only way the team will improve. whatever happens things need to get sorted asap.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 12/11/2014 19:19:02    1671837


Fintan Obama has gone very quiet "Portferry dont stand a chance against Cushendall" not only did they stand a chance but they wiped the floor with them.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 12/11/2014 19:59:47    1671843


What will be the criac with Portaferry ones and the county team? Will they be playing? or just after All Ireland?

Cattleman6 (Down) - Posts: 96 - 13/11/2014 09:57:32    1671906


I was told yesterday a vulture from the big smoke as Bricktop calls them will be announced shortly but Im not sure this is true. Codown1 there is no chance Ger will be asked back as from what Im hearing from sources things havent been good for a while in the camp and the performances last season would suggest something not just right.

He did his time and his best with mixed results winning the Ring with flynn and macaree but getting relegated to 2b and the three of them couldnt make the leap to 2a.
I have noticed that whoever comes in has been handed a tough league fixture list - away to Kildare, Meath and Mayo and home to Armagh and Donegal. Two tough matches away to Kildare the Ring champs 2014 and Meath who we always struggle with.

We are also away to Kerry in the Ring 2015 so a baptism of fire for whoever is the manager.

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 13/11/2014 10:09:24    1671909


Any appointments for the county hurling management team yet.

swan song (None) - Posts: 451 - 16/11/2014 19:44:35    1672668