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Down Minor Hurling 2014

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Great win in the Leinster League yesterday. Good to see the County Board backing the management and supporting this team in Leinster.
Meath 1-10 4-12 Down

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 02/03/2014 11:58:39    1553068


It was a fantastic performance - the movement was great and great handling. McCrickard was fantastic as was Patterson.

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 551 - 02/03/2014 16:04:53    1553210


A lot of non ards in the squad , am I wrong in saying that?
2-9 from the liatroim lad, seems like theres a bit coming through again outside the ards. Young Mc Cusker was very tidy last time i seen him and that was at adult level for his club.

DownAndOut (Down) - Posts: 344 - 12/03/2014 13:42:28    1558719