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2014 NFL Division 2

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We start at home to Monaghan on a Saturday night and have further home games against Donegal and Louth. Seems like four of our games will be played under lights. I'm happy enough with that, and reasonably confident about our chances for the division. Four away games isn't ideal but that's balanced out by having two of the toughest teams, Donegal and Monaghan, at home. It seems like a level enough playing field in Div 2. Armagh v Down on a Friday night will be a humdinger, expect them to be much stronger this year.

Sat Feb 1st, 7pm - Down v Monaghan
Fri Feb 7th, 8pm - Armagh v Down
Sat March 1st, 7pm - Down v Louth
Sun March 9th, 2pm - Galway v Down
Sun March 16th, 2pm - Down v Donegal
Sat March 29th, 7pm - Meath v Down
Sun April 6th, 3pm - Laois v Down

Gabriel. (Down) - Posts: 412 - 16/10/2013 12:05:21    1501544


Target must be to win our three home games and
two of the away games.Will McComiskey,O'Hagan
etc be back for the national league?

REDANDBLACK30 (Down) - Posts: 1505 - 17/10/2013 11:26:25    1502092