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IFC and SFC championship

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The venues for some of these games dont really seem all that even. I assume there was a decision that newry and downpatrick had to be the venues no matter who the teams where.

Some examples of what I mean

Bryansford V Saval in Newry - better for Saval
Castlewellan V Burren in Newry - better for Burren

St John Bosco V Bredagh in Newry - better for Bosco
Carryduff V Drumgath in Newry - better for Drumgrath

Just seems a bit unfair on some teams or maybe its just me

theladd (Down) - Posts: 43 - 12/09/2013 13:22:37    1480695


Definetly unfair, sure in our game vs Bosco you could nearly kick a ball from their gates to esler.

bgael (None) - Posts: 211 - 12/09/2013 15:02:27    1480814


You are being a bit paranoid here lads, Pairc esler is the county ground, the best pitch and facilities in the county so its obviously the best choice for Championship games. If going by your reckoning there should be no county matches in Croke Park if any Leinster team is playing and definately not if Dublin are playing. Besides Bredagh should be delighted to get to play at a proper ground with proper facilities instead of the council pitches covered in dog excrement they make other intermediate teams endure up at Cherryvale.

IHYDIYSCP (Down) - Posts: 41 - 13/09/2013 11:46:40    1481324


Kilcoo v Mayobridge
Burren V Saval

Kilcoo looked impressive in Quarter Final albeit against a very dissapointing Clonduff side but I still fancy them to get over the Bridge. I think Saval will put it up to Burren but thats all. It will be a Burren V kilcoo final with Kilcoo to be crowned champions again.

downtothecore (Down) - Posts: 338 - 17/09/2013 16:06:20    1483706