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Christy Ring 2013

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Who? Deccy Coulter from Armagh?

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2479 - 08/11/2013 08:46:42    1510679


Bricktop he played well in fairness (Decky Coulter) but I think the Shaft is referring to Paddy Coulter being immense with his witty sideline commentaries during the year

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 08/11/2013 11:08:06    1510753


I have to admit the way the Christy Ring players are picked seems very strange. Didnt know until I read on here on the main page that Down got four as the winners, Kerry 3 and so on... Gerard Monan then decides who gets and forwards to Co Board who then send to Croke Park (something like that I think)
Have to say thought Stephen Keith might have got a look in but hard to argue with the four picked

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 08/11/2013 11:29:17    1510767


Cannot imagine the manager would be put in the position of having the only say on the 4. That would be very unfair to him. Seems crazy that they don't do these awards the way they do the "main" All Stars. A panel shouls select all the positions....but then I suppose they would have to attend Christy Ring matches! I wonder if they invite the whole team and management to the awards ceremony. I would like to think that the manager and team get asked. If so, hope they have a good night...they deserve it.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 08/11/2013 15:12:36    1510898


Well done to the lads who got yin anyways.

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 11/11/2013 13:30:26    1511966