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Will we beat Derry on Sunday week? I think we will and I think we will give Antrim a run for the title in July. The lads must have confidence in themselves after their terrific Christy ring victory and must be hungry for more success. They really have "gelled" as a team and for the first time in a number of years there is a good bench too. I do hope there are not too many club matches in either Antrim or Down in the run up. Gerard and the rest of the management deserve to be able to have fresh players at their disposal. Good luck to all. remember you are All Ireland Champions.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 21/06/2013 12:08:39    1412124


Is there any truth to the story, some lads have left the panel after the christy ring?

Long_John (Down) - Posts: 299 - 21/06/2013 12:27:50    1412142


Has to be a windup surely!! Who in their right mind would leave the panel with a possible Ulster Championship medal to be collected?

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 21/06/2013 13:39:26    1412246


All I know is Chris Teague from CPN left after the final for USA for the summer. It was always in the pipeline, and he even postponed his flight for the final. I cannot comment on any other player

beansycpn (Down) - Posts: 128 - 21/06/2013 14:32:23    1412324


you can't expect to play 18 rounds of golf on a sunday morning then play in the Ulster senior hurling championship.

And the Ports wonder why they never make inroads in Ulster senior club championship games.

Now for some Roy Castle of record breakers;

Dedication oh, oh, dedication oh, oh , dedication, that's what you need.
If you want to be the best, soar above the rest.
Who-oh Dedication's what you need
If you want to be a record breaker, yeah.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2450 - 21/06/2013 15:39:45    1412387


Something going on in Portaferry and it doesnt seem at all positive for club and indeed county

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 24/06/2013 11:15:08    1414005


All these vague comments are very upsetting. Is there a problem with some of the Portaferry players. 18 rounds...or perhaps they mean holes....of golf before a match. Who is being "got at" here? really hope the lads get the support they deserve on Sunday though it is an early start in Armagh and I hear it is Cemetry Sunday in Ballycran which may keep some people at home. Hope everyone plays their part on sunday and get the win they deserve. they can give antrim a run in the final...I see their manager doesn't rate it anyway!

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 25/06/2013 15:30:38    1415331


re codown1 just shows you what he thinks of an ulster title he is the captain at the mini golf at icerink more important

sliothar (Antrim) - Posts: 339 - 25/06/2013 15:52:53    1415363


Seems alot of you out there are trying to create the idea that Portaferry is in meltdown here,yes results have been poor of late
but they still have time to turn things around,no one should be smiling at the idea of any down club being relagated,and as far
as the back ripping,sneaky,snide remarks towards this player,he had informed the county management long long ago about his decision
that he wouldnt be available for ulster championship,without him winning the Christy Ring would have been a lot tougher,his displays in
semi final and final were outstanding,not so long ago you were all cheering him on and forming a line to shake his hand,so to all you
fellas that are sitting hiding behind your keyboards who could not lace one never mind two of his boots,if you have a gripe with him
man up and go and see him and let him know you feelings,let me know how it goes.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 25/06/2013 19:10:13    1415537


This is all very sad. the hurlers have done us proud this year and we should all be rallying behind them not sniping and back stabbing. Any true fan wants to see all the Ards clubs do well and continue to promote the game in the way they have always done. if some one has decided to call it a day, then that is their decision and should be respected. Just wish this petty nonsense would stop and we all get together behind the county team.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 25/06/2013 19:25:51    1415547


Couldnt agree more co.down1,whats done is done,lets all focus on Sunday.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 25/06/2013 21:08:36    1415624


Couldnt agree more co.down 1,whats done is done,now lets all focus on Sunday and support the lads.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 25/06/2013 21:10:40    1415629


I agree with CoDown1 and Shaft - no matter how strange the decision seems to some its been made and no-one whos a true Down gael would want any club going down from Antrim division 1, so lets all move on now to the Derry match this Sunday in Armagh.

There will be a big crowd there as Armagh are at home to Wicklow after the hurling so best of luck to the hurlers and I hope they have a good support, they have given the whole county a lift this year so one final push for the double.

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 26/06/2013 09:46:53    1415703


Looking forward to the Derry game. I don't think many players have left the panel, maybe a couple perhaps. Derry will be up for the game and Down need to be VERY careful. Portaferry are in bad shape, but the will stay up. Remember they're county champions.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 444 - 26/06/2013 12:41:56    1415860


WATS the lineout for the DOWN senior hurling tomorrow V DERRY?????

nosides (Down) - Posts: 233 - 29/06/2013 20:25:15    1418416


Unlucky to draw in the end yesterday, Derry looked like they were beat but came back well. Will this be a double header with the football I wonder?

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 01/07/2013 09:09:29    1419832


Cant be - isnt the ushc final fixed for Derry on Sun 7th - Armagh on Wed night possibly?

sliabhnaslat (Down) - Posts: 93 - 01/07/2013 11:50:20    1420175


double header on Sunday in Armagh. The Down minors take on Antrim in the Ulster Minor FINAL at 1.30 and the seniors replay Derry at 3p.m. Hopefully a good crowd of spectators for both games. get out there and cheer the lads on. Hopefully they both have good wins.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 02/07/2013 11:14:32    1421333


Need a big improvement from sunday,good luck to all and all the best to the minors,hope all the prep pays off.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 02/07/2013 19:52:25    1422076


Can't understand why this game is scheduled as part of a double header with the Derry vs. Down qualifier at Celtic Park. What a treat for all Down & Derry GAA fans to see both their Hurlers & Footballer under one roof on the same afternoon. I don't think Down Hurlers would mind playing in Celtic Park, plus isn't it not culture week in Derry? The minor game could be rescheduled for next week as a appetizer to the senior final. Poor planning and bad vision on behalf of the people making the decisions. Now I have to travel to Derry and Armagh this weekend. Not very happy indeed.

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 544 - 03/07/2013 13:16:00    1422664