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Dromara won their appeal to the Ulster Council. County board waiting on official judgement before deciding whether to take it to Croke Park. Play off game postponed/cancelled.

CONFUSEDUS (Down) - Posts: 19 - 12/09/2013 11:09:33    1480558


Jay Dog....and the Wednesday or Thursday before or the Saturday why was it not suitable to play it ?

EIREANNACH (Down) - Posts: 241 - 12/09/2013 12:24:14    1480633


Good to hear the Ulster Council have seen behind the money blinkers of our county board. As one commentator said before Drumaness played by the sword so die by the sword. Glad justice has been done. Good luck Dromara in the rest of the championship. Well deserved semi final spot.

Oh and well done to Aghaderg on winning the league. Poor representation of this in the papers. Its a big achievement for a wee club and it should have been better promoted.

Upyourgame (Down) - Posts: 15 - 12/09/2013 13:07:58    1480683


Great for Aghaderg but poor show from Killyleagh who walked off the pitch before the trophy was presented. Poor sportsmanship from them who have had a successful first season back.

Does that mean that the semi final draw can now take place.

Giantlovepump (Down) - Posts: 23 - 12/09/2013 14:34:29    1480784


Jaydog if drumaness couldnt feild on the friday why didnt the try and get the game put back to the next week cause the know the had to play it to go thro. The just tho this would be a easier way toget into the last 4

gaa222 (Down) - Posts: 12 - 12/09/2013 15:30:38    1480839


don't think we have heard last of this best runner up saga

nothing official as yet

croke park will just tell the Down CB to sort their own mess

ref killyleagh. Friday evening away from home darkness falling. cant blame them for headin on

EIREANNACH (Down) - Posts: 241 - 12/09/2013 15:53:26    1480866


Gaa222 the easy way surely would be to play bright than dromara..

Jaydog (Down) - Posts: 2 - 12/09/2013 16:42:29    1480919


Match was a Saturday afternoon and not Friday evening

Giantlovepump (Down) - Posts: 23 - 12/09/2013 17:03:15    1480935


Why dont drumaness just play them then. Drumaness would have to beat bright by more than 20 points. So it would have been easier just to beat Dromara

gaa222 (Down) - Posts: 12 - 12/09/2013 17:16:19    1480956


ulster council advises down cb on decision they took to sort out mess(have a play off).ulster council then backtracks on this when appeal is launched.down cb are now taking matter to croke park to get their original decision reaffirmed.drumaness are now caught in middle as its now between dromara and down cb. there will be a play off when is the question?

knowtherules94 (Down) - Posts: 24 - 12/09/2013 18:56:07    1481041


ulster council advises down cb on decision they took to sort out mess(have a play off).ulster council then backtracks on this when appeal is launched.down cb are now taking matter to croke park to get their original decision reaffirmed.drumaness are now caught in middle as its now between dromara and down cb. there will be a play off when is the question?

knowtherules94 (Down) - Posts: 24 - 12/09/2013 19:00:38    1481047


Can someone please spell out exactly the sequence of events here? Original decision was a play off - simple enough. I take it Dromara appealed. Down County Board then threw out appeal and ruled in favour of play off - expected. Dromara then appealed to Ulster. Who did Ulster rule for? Was it Dromara or was it for the play off. Dromara cant, i'm sure, ask Ulster to reconsider their decision. I am getting lost in all the appeals and counter appeals.

Please can someone set it out step by step so we all can get a handle on this?

3. etc

Is Drumaness just sitting back as last poster is hinting at and letting Dromara take all the flak as the baddie in all this because of appeals.(LET ME REMIND EVERYONE - DROMARA DID NOTHING WRONG)

anduna (Down) - Posts: 210 - 12/09/2013 19:39:43    1481072


anduna you have order of events correct,down cb based there decision on advice/direction received via ulster council.question what have drumaness done wrong, they turned up at darragh cross on 1/9/13 to play bright only for bright not to be there.county board awards a mythical 5.0 scoreline(armagh uses a 1.0 mythical scoreline in similar circumstances).this in turn invalidates the 5.0 scoreline to be used for score difference purposes.the mythical scoreline is only used as an assistance to update computerised tables/leagues.

knowtherules94 (Down) - Posts: 24 - 12/09/2013 20:41:36    1481111


surely co board have learnt their lesson and won't leave themselves open for more criticism. enough is enough. when is semi final draw? Rest of us want to get on with championship.

Twobouncesref (Down) - Posts: 3 - 12/09/2013 20:50:57    1481118


Know the rules. I find it hard to believe your version of events that it was the Ulster Council that advised the county board that a playoff for the semi final spot should be played. Maybe you can clarify if you are on the county board and have inside knowledge , but from what I'm aware off Drumaness and the county board had this playoff planned in advance of the final round games and Drumaness didn't just turn up on the 1st Sept to play Bright only for Bright not to field. Every Tom, Dick and Harry now know that Drumaness were made aware that Bright would not be fielding that particular day due to other commitments players had and they had requested Drumaness to agree to the fixture at an earlier date, something Drumaness would not agree to, so I think its time that this myth that poor Drumaness were hard done by is put to bed. There was ample opportunity to refix this match for any number of days before or after the Sunday in question.

My understanding is that the Ulster Council would only have become involved in the situation when Dromara would quite rightly have appealed to them as the County Board were stuck in their decision to stand by Drumaness, even if this involved making up rules during the year to suit the occasion.

Ulster Council I'm sure will see through all this and find in favour of Dromara who have fulfilled all fixtures in the championship and rightfully earned their place in the semis. If the County Board then decide to appeal to Croke Park which I'm sure they won't I find it hard to believe hard Croke Park could overturn a provinicial Council decision in favour of a biased local county board.

Upyourgame (Down) - Posts: 15 - 13/09/2013 11:42:53    1481318


PS knowtherules94 to say that Drumaness are now caught in middle as its now between dromara and down cb is a joke. We all know that this whole incident has not only been instigated by Drumaness but pre planned which is the most sickening part and the county board have been falling over backways to rule in favour of Drumaness. Thankfully the Ulster Council have seen the truth behind the matter and I'm sure the County Board will have no option but accept the Ulster Council decision.

Upyourgame (Down) - Posts: 15 - 13/09/2013 11:57:38    1481336


I find the tone of some recent posts are very unhelpful in their apparent venom against some of the parties involved - there is no need or place for that in the administration of our games. The facts of this matter are this:- Drumaness did not break any rules in the way they chose to contest the JFC - the rules are there to be used. They possibly can be accused of being "cute", maybe even "unsporting" but tally ho chaps, how sporting are we on the field of play when anything goes as long as the ref doesnt see it!! Dromara too played by the rules - when the playoff determination was made, Dromara obviously got the rule book out and very successfully took the CB to task by appealing to the UC who ruled in Dromara's favour - well done Dromara!

And now the ball is back in the hands of the CB - do they also use the same rule book to effect an appeal to Central Council? Thats their decision but my guess, as per my previous response to Anduna, is that the CB will bow out at this stage and allow the UC ruling to stand. And why do I say that? Well, for a three reasons:-

1. The ramifications of a successful appeal will have consequences for league positions across all three divisions, especially now in the closing stages - if a successful appeal proves that the playoff rule is indeed valid, it is still my firm belief that all Clubs played their league games in blissful ignorance of its applicability and its introduction at the this late stage of league proceedings will open a can of very active worms

2. In succeeding in their appeal to the UC, Dromara have obviously done their homework well. To have achieved a successful outcome, they will have had to expose significant weaknesses in the CB defence of their position. So the CB, no matter how unpatatable it may be, will have to accept that those weaknesses exist and that an appeal to Central Council has strong possibility of failure. An exposure of those weaknesses and the consequent failure at that level would be extremely embarassing.

3. Any appeal may add fuel to the conspiracy theory that the CB are appealing only to further the interests of Drumanees.

So the CB has everything to lose and nothing to gain in an appeal to Central Council. A successful appeal will open the can of worms (1) and fuel the conspiracy theories (3). An unsuccessful appeal will fuel the conspiracy theories (3) and be extremely embarrassing (2).

Why would they appeal?

dundeal (Down) - Posts: 27 - 13/09/2013 13:17:00    1481426


I see Drumaness are now down to play St Pauls on Sunday. Dromara v Aghaderg still showing as postponed.

We need clarity about the Junior Championship. It has been a total shambles and it is downright not fair on Aghaderg, Tecconaught and St Pauls (and Dromara).

I think i have heard that some Aghaderg players are moving to Australia in October and that St. Pauls players are going back to university and may not be available. I am sure the same type of unavailability will be in the other clubs too. The actual winner this year may be a surprise as squads may be depleted beyond repair and recognition.

I am sure all clubs are getting edgy over this and it is about time that the whole sorry affair is closed.

anduna (Down) - Posts: 210 - 13/09/2013 13:25:55    1481439


'Drumaness and the county board had this playoff planned in advance of the final round games'

Upyourgame - are you really saying that the County Board are in cahoots with Drumaness over this? We might as well all pack up and go to another County if that's the case. You're basically accusing the County Board of collusion and corruption here.....that just cannot be correct.

northdowner (Down) - Posts: 7 - 13/09/2013 13:26:40    1481440


Drumaness did turn up to play bright on the 1st of september and some of the players had comitment on the friday night bright wanted to play the match

ofthegroundref (Down) - Posts: 1 - 13/09/2013 16:49:37    1481649