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ye have just broken my heart were by far the better team and i wish ye all the very best in the final.

hectork (Limerick) - Posts: 1049 - 19/08/2013 13:08:05    1463798


Best of luck in the final. I certainly feel ye can take Cork. A word of caution. Cut down on conceding scoreable frees. As much as 1-9 or 1-10 could have conceded yesterday but it would have a total injustice if we had somehow pulled through on account of these frees. However Davy will surely dwell on rectifying these minor faults before the big day. Again good luck on that day.

Oldtourman (Limerick) - Posts: 2394 - 19/08/2013 15:39:34    1463982


Savage display yesterday. Dominant in every sector. Seen Clare winning all Irelands with this squad but not in 2013 now I think they might just go on and do it.

I cant take to davy Fitz at all but him aside no getting away from that display yesterday.

Are Cork the one side though that have the game to counter you? Should be a belter of a final

Well done again

Brianmac78 (Dublin) - Posts: 1168 - 19/08/2013 17:44:40    1464138


Excellent display from Clare. Im disappointed we didnt give ye more of a game,but Clare were a step above yesterday. We consider ourselves a sleeping giant in Hurling so we just seem to heap pressure on any decent team we have.. Hope Clare bring home the Cork Bacon in the final and then Limerick get Clonlara in a boundry extension......and Cratloe ha

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1283 - 19/08/2013 18:11:28    1464154


Well done Clare, best of luck in the final. An very good display.

Hoover78 (Limerick) - Posts: 865 - 19/08/2013 18:40:02    1464167


fantastic win on sunday 100% deserved. i had expected the game to pan out like that, but i didnt see limerick being stifled that much. i predicted the clare score exactly correct last week but was a little too kind to limerick in predicting theirs. pace, skill and accuracy that we produced was of an unbelievable standard. podge, kelly and galvin are three players who could potentially change how the game is played - a ridiculously talented trio.
2 or 3 incidents in the game occured in the first 10 minutes when limerick got a few goal chances and pa kelly, donnellan and tony kelly all did superbly at different stages to deny a limerick goal which was so so important at the time and really lifted us.
its time that davy and his players are given the credit they deserve and people stop saying that everyone we beat either didnt turn up or were just a poor side anyway. davys tactics have stopped these teams from playing their own game allowing us to play on our terms.
i was surprised that we used the sweeper system again but it worked to perfection so i would expect the same 15 to start the final. with the same system to try and cut off the treat of pat horgan who gets over 50% of their scores.
we need to get more out of our honan and mcgrath the next day. they have the potential to be the best 2 man full forward line in the game but we have only seen glimpses of their class. there is also an awful lot more in john conlon, he has been unlucky this year with injuries and he undoubtedly gets the most punishment from opposition as they know he is our primary ball winner. would love to see him be the star of the final, he is so crucial to the way we play. still have a lot to improve on which is great.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 20/08/2013 19:35:29    1464586


County: Limerick
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An out of sorts tipp who ran Kilkenny to 3 pts in their own back yard. And a Cork team who were well ahead of Clare at half time and who could only draw with us at half time when playing with the wind the sun, against our poorer starting 15 and owning the ball for 20 mins. None so blind as those who will not see. Thank god we didn't have to meet such giants of the game as Laois Wexford and an appalling Galway who struggled to beat Laois and were annihilated by Dublin who are on a par with who again? oh ya Cork.Pride and passion is media nonsense anyone who doesn't think we have hurlers on a par or better than anyone in the country is about to get an education."

Where are you know buddy???? Haha

BannerBoy2013 (Clare) - Posts: 325 - 24/08/2013 11:15:54    1466882


You'd have to give Davy a lot of credit as a manager and the passion and professionalism that he brings. He's also an interesting and obsessive character.

However I think that he lets himself down with all the paranoia and thin skinned stuff. Some decisions go your way in a game and some go against you but every day he seems to think that the ref is out to get him.

Also think he lets himself down in his treatment of linesmen.

JBM and the likes of John Allen would be much more dignified managers.

gahfan (Wexford) - Posts: 488 - 10/09/2013 09:54:05    1478947