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How many dual players have Cratloe

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Lads anyone know how many players have Cratloe playin both codes,its a serious achievement

groundhurling (Tipperary) - Posts: 134 - 01/11/2009 19:08:12    472406


Barry Duggan, Michael Hawes, Conor McGrath, Sean Collins, Podge Collins, Conor Ryan, Cathal McInerney, Joe O'Connor, The Chaplains and there is more no doubt

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 02/11/2009 00:50:37    472671


Barry Duggan, Liam Markham, Mikey Hawes, Ogie Murphy, Sean Chaplin, Sean Collins & Cathal Mc all started both final i believe

seanogi (Limerick) - Posts: 2 - 03/11/2009 08:57:36    473672


If Michael Mc Dermott the Clare Mangaer has a good look at the cratloe lads and kilmurray who hammered Domcollogher back to limerick, and a few other good club players, then Clare may have the nucleus of a good senior team for success in a few years time. It wont happen overnight. Then again in 1992 Clare beat kerry in the munster final out of no where. Since then 2 Munster senior club titles have been won by Doonbeg in 1998 and Kilmurray in 2004, Kilmurray unlucky last year as played bad and this year kilmurray are going for munster title number 2 could easily been going for munster title number 3 which would have them up there with the kingpin clubs of munster after Nemo imagine! So my point is with intermediate and senior club football at munster level at an all time high for Clare, surely if Clare did it in 1992 without munster club success, its now only time before Clare as a county with all this club success does it again or is it??? The clubs who are not very competitive from Clare as seen in munster success have to show interest and ensure that their best players play for Clare! How come the Clare hurling team can be more or less competitive every year with little or no recent munster club success and yet the Clare football team are dragging behind in div 4 and dead on the ground in the championship? 1992 has to now be replayed and a new clare football team has to win something big! Excuses are no good that Clare dont have players when you look at all the club success and competitive action in munster! Maybe I am dreaming and on my own on this as the county attitude is we are a hurling county and nothing else irregardless of club football success! Id love if we were winning munster championships in both codes!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 03/12/2009 10:38:20    501707