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When is a rule not a rule in New York?

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Results of a meeting, late Thursday night, of the NY Board Executive Group are beginning to trickle out to the public. Each team is allowed to use six-sixty-day-sanctions. One club used six but now wanted to replace one with a better calibre one. The Executive group agreed, contrary to rules agreed upon by the NY Board and Croke Park.
In an unrelated incident efforts were being and will continue to be made to close Gaelic Park on a Sunday once more this year. This time to commemorate All-Ireland Final Day.

Faha2 (USA) - Posts: 112 - 14/08/2010 17:43:28    746141


Who was the team in question,kerry??

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 14/08/2010 19:38:53    746227



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Tipperary hurling team.

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