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McMahon insists.

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Kildare chairman John McMahon has rubbished suggestions that Kieran McGeeney's reappointment as football manager is being delayed by a dispute over team expenses.
McMahon is hopeful that the issuing of a detailed breakdown on expenses last night will pave the way for the Armagh man to stay on. It's believed McGeeney wants the expenses figures made public in order to counter suggestions that the senior team is responsible for the county board's financial woes.

"Kieran McGeeney is not the pariah around Kildare," McMahon stressed to The Irish Independent.
"Quite the opposite. He and his management team have played a vital part in pulling down those costs. He is certainly interested in staying on. Please God he will."

Fair enough... then who/what is this so called pariah ???
I'm not having a go at anyone just inquisitive.

danpaddyandy (Kildare) - Posts: 260 - 05/09/2012 11:30:16    1259649


Maybe there is no pariah per se.

Maybe the pariah could instead be the almost witch hunt like campaign that seems to have surfaced around McGeeney and the debt the county board find themselves in. The senior footballers are our highest costing team, but we have plenty of other outlays besides them, people seem too quick to forget that and try to lay the blame for the debt solely at the feet of McGeeney.

Last year it's reported that we spent €525,000 on our county teams, that's seven teams in total, including the under 21 hurlers who are still to play their All Ireland final in 10 days time.

This €525,000 is lower than what was budgeted for the year (€600,000) and much lower than the money spent in 2011 (close to three quarters of a million), that's a pretty size-able level of cutbacks.

Of the €525,000 spent on teams, half of that was spent on the senior footballers, which is a much lower amount than many other counties would report as spending on their senior footballers, certainly the ones that compete in provincial finals and All Ireland semi's and quarters.

Anybody who wants to attribute the level of debt the county board find themselves in (note it's the county board debt, not the senior footballers) to McGeeney and the footballers really needs to take another look at things. People were looking for a fall guy and after thinking they found it, they've now been proved wrong.

Although in saying that he should certainly be held accountable for our below par performances this year, here's hoping he gets the chance to rectify them next year. Changers are needed not, but not necessarily massive changes. A few tweaks here or there, a change in coaching personal possibly, along with a few new faces for the O'Byrne Cup at least.

Hopefully this is all sorted out sooner rather than later and we can get back to focusing on the county championships.

if_in_doubt (Kildare) - Posts: 3640 - 05/09/2012 12:10:36    1259693


senior hurlers got nothing compared to the footballers, and both teams won a league title. the footballers will not win anything anytime soon the players simply are not good enough and were embarrased this year against cork, the hurlers however will give the christy ring a right rattle next year

mantraman (USA) - Posts: 8 - 09/09/2012 10:17:30    1262323