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Replying To Pullin.lambs1:  "Didn't blame anybody. The Moycullen were pulled out of the panel and it was splashed all over the media. Jesus the lads just won their first county final and it will always have the following weeks of problems attached it it. Tell me that didn't upset things

No blame. just the group had lads taken out of it. Didn't blame the coaches either. a different guy in doing the training with new methods. A week out of a big game after months of not playing together just might of thrown things a bit. No blame. Across the board it was poor. Listen to Joyce's interview after. One statement from him tells ya he knows it was bad. And it was a hard session"
He's not wrong you know.. the Moycullen lads most certainly didn't help things in terms of personnel or as a distraction for the panel and management as a whole.

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