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Club Football - U21's and 7's

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The Draw for the Ulster U21 tournament in Creggan was made to day. 8 of the 9 Ulster teams are represented. No Prizes for guessing which county is missing. Surely the county board needs to look at organizing this competition properly not the farce they attempted in the past in December months. We lose so many talented minors who aren't getting senior football so fall away. An U21 tournament would provide a bridge between minors and seniors and would also go a long way to strengthening the Countys football. I feel one could be played in the summer months, when the county seniors are involved in the competition.

Also Fermanagh should run more 7's tournaments. Especially when the League is stalled for the USFC

manowar (Fermanagh) - Posts: 147 - 06/01/2015 11:46:56    1680847


I think there is sufficient football available for any footballer after minor's, the natural step is junior football & if the player is talented enough senior football. I don't think an under 21 competition will keep any more players in the game, if players wanted to play after minor football, they would join the juniors/senior panels.

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 06/01/2015 12:07:14    1680854