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Fermanagh fuming over fake Facebook account
04 October 2012

The Fermanagh county board is calling on the author of an unofficial Facebook page to close it down.

The appeal comes after derogatory comments about officials and management were posted in recent days. The board is also angry that unauthorised pictures of underage players have appeared on the page.

Speaking to The Irish News, Fermanagh PRO Joe McManus stressed that the unofficial page 'Fermanagh GAA Clones' had nothing to do with the county board whose Facebook page is called 'Fermanagh GAA Amateur Sports Team'.

He said: "Last week, the county secretary showed me screenshots of this unofficial Facebook page and we're worried people will think it's from the county board. The page we use is a 'like' page that we use for fixtures, announcements and statements.

"The unofficial one has been putting up stuff about the county board, that they're 'big fat cats', pictures of youngsters' teams that we don't put up and slating county board members and the management. Then they started copying and pasting stuff off our page onto the unofficial page."

McManus revealed that a request to remove the unofficial Facebook page had fallen on deaf ears.

"I asked him (the author) if he would close it and just use our page and then he started putting up stuff about me. I was told 'I was here first, I don't care what you do'. We're worried that people think it's the official page and don't use our proper one," McManus added.

I had a look at this page on facebook and cannot understand how a fake Fermanagh GAA site can be established and nothing can be done about it. What authority has this individual to set himself up as the 'voice' of Fermanagh GAA? Was he elected by anyone? Has he sought permission from the GAA?

Reading through the site it seems to be targeting the county board and since some Enniskillen Gaelsmen are the forefront for years of this board I see it as a personal attack on our club as well.

Surely the Facebook censors must be able to remove the site and ban that disgruntled indiviual from facebook in the future?

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 05/10/2012 09:53:36    1278384


Here is more about the story
Fake Facebook page causing fierce furore in Fermanagh GAA http://www.joe.ie/gaa/gaa-news/fake-facebook-page-causing-fierce-furore-in-fermanagh-gaa-0028984-1
Who do is behind it?

Coa_gael (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1159 - 05/10/2012 12:25:58    1278472


lads if i want to make a page and name it "Meath GAA" I can and I can say whatever I like about who ever I want. It doesn't mean it's rright but it's up to Fermanagh GAA to promote their own page and then everyone will find out theirs is the Official one.

BettystownRoyal (Meath) - Posts: 3353 - 05/10/2012 15:37:06    1278653


Freedom of speech anyone? You can't expect the guy to take it down, he can do whatever he wants.

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 05/10/2012 18:14:31    1278848


Welcome to the Internet.

Love_Leckers (Fermanagh) - Posts: 342 - 06/10/2012 16:30:44    1279141


If hairyhorse believes that the county board isn't to to his standard (whatever that is) then who would he recommend to be in charge and by what other democratic means would he suggest these members should be elected by?

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 06/10/2012 17:11:55    1279167


Where is our friend hairyhorse or hungryhorse?

I wonder if he could tell us the reasons for a duplicate site?

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 24/10/2012 13:52:41    1287556


i see the interest in this site is waning and rightly so.

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1299 - 26/10/2012 10:14:55    1288525


My understanding is that this 'fake' Fermanagh GAA website is misrepresenting the officially established Fermanagh GAA organisation i.e. the Fermanagh County Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association. As such GAA HQ's legal team could have this fake site removed quite easily if it was established in ROI. If it was established in NI the Fermanagh County Board can refer the matters to the Ombudsman for Media Complaints. Also the operator of the Facebook page and the operator's server could face charges regarding this misrepresentation of an official organisation.

In light of this information, I suggest that copies of the Facebook pages be made and forwarded to GAA HQ or the Ombudsman (UK). Let them sort this guy out and he might not find the outcome so amusing.

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 07/11/2012 19:30:09    1294330


the fake site is useful to get a message across so its doing no harm.

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 959 - 08/11/2012 15:28:34    1294799


It is time the county board took some action against this fake Fermanagh GAA webpage. A player is posted with his head split open and it is causing upset and outraged especially as this picture is causing distress to younger children who frequent this site. Obviously, the person who is hosting this illegal site has no sense of what is right to put up and what is not. The matter must be raised at the county convention and action taken.

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 01/12/2012 14:21:29    1305148


06/12/2012 16:10:16
County: Fermanagh
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1307329 Can any smart historian explain how Clubs got their names and what their Club Logos mean? This is all I know.

Aghadrumsee - St Macartain
Brookeborough -
Belcoo -
Bellanaleck -
Belleek -
Coa -
Derrygonnelly - Harps - A harp
Derrylin - O'Connells - A crow
Devenish -
Donagh -
Ederney -
Enniskillen - Gaels
Irvinestown -
Garrison -
Lisnaskea -
Kinawley - Borus
Knocks -
Lisbellaw -
Maguiresbridge -
Newtownbutler - First Fermanagh - A white bird
Rosslea - Shamrocks - Shamrocks
Teemore - Shamrocks - Shamrocks and something else

Interesting to see "hairyhorse" back on hoganstand but we see why. He is obviously trying to get into about clubs so expect to see something about this on his fake Fermanagh GAA website. My advice to give him any info!

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 06/12/2012 17:36:58    1307403


I meant DO NOT give him any info for his fake website!

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 06/12/2012 17:43:37    1307411


If the website is on the internet then let me explain to you that it is very much real, it might not be OFFICIAL which i think is the word you should be using, but it is real.

Love_Leckers (Fermanagh) - Posts: 342 - 07/12/2012 13:58:56    1307696


Love_Leckers its apparent you show no respect for the official Fermanagh GAA website and the co board that run it. By visiting, posting or giving information to hairyhorse for the fake website means you support it. How would you like it if someone put up a Belnaleck fake website where they criticise the Belnaleck committee or footballers and so on?

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 758 - 08/12/2012 11:47:15    1307934


How is it apparent i dont respect it? please explain?? The website is real its not official as I stated its the internet and their are numerous unofficial website and pages for everything in the world, anyone can make one and write whatever they want, the fact you keep talking about it means you're giving him publicity, and no publicity is bad publicity!

So i think you should calm down and stop drawing attention to his website, i personally havent ever seen it but the fact you keep banging on about it i might jus take a peak and give him another hit ;)

Just a tip for you and your health, dont take the internet too seriously!

Love_Leckers (Fermanagh) - Posts: 342 - 08/12/2012 12:50:22    1307945