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Down All County Division 3 2017

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I fancy Bosco to win it this year. Very unlucky not to go up last year, beaten by a last minute goal against Saul to stop them going up.
Dundrum could shock a few teams
Drumgath hard to look past too.
Attical midtable - tough place to go to but don't travel. new management this year may freshen them up though, they have a good panel
Saul midtable - Changed manager this year but manager hasn't been the problem, players have been. Poor squad.
Glassdrumman/St Pauls to fight out for bottom

punditman (Down) - Posts: 1 - 17/01/2017 10:34:24    1946253


Bosco should be hard to beat this year, started off the year very strong last year and missed out right at the end! Saul again a very good side with some good individual players, young squad but wouldn't shock me to see them towards the top end of the table. Attical had a solid year last year and will only look to improve. Glasdrumman to fight it out for bottom might be a bit of a stretch played poor last year, possibly as a result of a long season the year before but do have the only county player playing in this division, that saying if Harrison is still about the county set up they will miss him big time! Two teams coming down will be looking to go back up very quickly also. Dundrum are a strange one, two McComiskeys and McKibben very good, apart from that not much to offer. Drumgath again no push overs, like Bosco very unlucky not to go up last year and probably as a result of having an eye on championship! Be a tough season for all teams, looking forward to the competitiveness!

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