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Down McKenna Cup squad 2014

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One major thing were missing is a ball winner in the middle of the field

Big Dan Gordon is the best midfielder in Down by a country mile,

I just hope McCorry will convince him back sooner rather than later,

If not big Dan, Kevin McKernan had a great game there v Derry last c ship, but who beside him ,Peter Turley ? C Mooney ?

Maybe Peter Fitzpatrick , Any thoughts

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 06/01/2015 21:10:24    1681091


c mooney back for league? would be a huge asset

offtheground1 (Down) - Posts: 128 - 07/01/2015 13:17:27    1681187


d turley really stepping up to the mark this year!

offtheground1 (Down) - Posts: 128 - 13/01/2015 14:29:48    1682845


mooney half forward and mckernan midfield with fitzpatrick

EIREANNACH (Down) - Posts: 241 - 14/01/2015 16:44:38    1683232