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Alcohol consumption effecting the GAA

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It has came to my attention in recent years that alcohol is starting to have serious effects on players breaking into senior level. I have been monitoring the subject for three years now and I have came to a conclusion that it seems to effect rural clubs more so than the town / city teams. Players between the age of 16 and 21 here seem to lose all interest in the sport and just turn to drinking at the weekends instead. Obviously I don't want to mention any names, but these players need to realise that they only have (if lucky) a maximum of 15 more years of playing football and should know to make the most of it.
This may seem like a bit of a rant but id like peoples thoughts on this and thought on how these rural clubs can combat this.

blackspot15 (Down) - Posts: 18 - 21/11/2014 11:26:41    1673919


Blackspot, I don't think this is a recent problem by any stretch. Have you factored in the proportion of young people who go on to study further/higher education? Fewer and fewer are willing to work in a rural setting and when they go to the Universities and take a loan they end up hitting the drink and having a great time. There were always ones who went home at the weekend to play a match, but others, like myself, left the football not to return until years later.

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1504 - 21/11/2014 11:46:15    1673922


Well im from a rural club and we have lots of boys and girls away at uni and this encludes my own children who take a drink but we have no such problems and i think you saying this effects rural more so is totaly wrong and at the same time wat does the GAA do for them???? NOTHING!! ANYTHING THEY NEED US THE PARENTS HAVE TO PAY FOR IT WITH REGARD TO PLAYING GAA SPORTS :( the GAA or croke park puts very little into fpptball/hurling in the north totally different case if you are living in DUBLIN were millions is pumped into the gaa but like every club in ireland big r small we all have to pay the same but dont get the same in return (FACT) RANT OVER, but dont anyone come back and tell me differ because im 110% right. so do something about that instead of going on about drink your peolpe have to enjoy themselfs and this is from a parent.

nosides (Down) - Posts: 239 - 21/11/2014 17:05:21    1674018


NOSIDES , is 110 per cent WRONG in almost everything he says ,YES rural or town , city drinking is a problem

A lot of our young folk cant simply go for a couple of drinks without getting totally blocked, I see it every weekend children laying on street corners not even fit to remember who they are ,and even laying in their own vomit FACT

Maybe NOSIDES has been away for the last few years ,because the GAA HAS been running drink and drug awareness nights in almost every club in Ireland.

He then goes on another wee rant reguarding cost , what exactly is he talking about , maybe socks and shorts , or buses to venues , Correct me if im wrong

but I don't thing Oneills give out free gear or bus firms get free diesel or can even get a man to drive for nothing

The real problem here is the lack of parental guidance ,to try and encourage them not to drink and if so in moderation

And for anyone to say young people need drink to enjoy themselves ,well I just don't believe that,

The Gaa has held coummunities together for decades during all sorts of problems an I have no doubt will countiue to do so

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 23/11/2014 11:48:53    1674297


Get INTO THE REAL WORLD AND GROW UP, name these places were you see young ones laying on streets in Ireland your watching to much TV showing the police in england, scotland, wales taking people of the streets at hen & stag parties wat has that got to do ewith the GAA

nosides (Down) - Posts: 239 - 23/11/2014 15:51:41    1674345


IM not going to get into a P1 slagging match , but get the blinkers off

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 23/11/2014 18:04:41    1674379


I have to agree with you germac, no harm to you nosides but you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

This is an issue that has to be looked at but your sitting there giving off about people not doing anything about it, you have to realise that the GAA is an amateur sport! Get off your backside and do something about this if you feel so strongly about it, ive already started up a campaign in two local clubs and they seem to be having positive effect as far as I can see. Obviously it wont totally solve the matter, but it helpls.

Nosides, maybe you should take a leaf out of the late John F Kenndeys book, ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club!! A great club man he was

blackspot15 (Down) - Posts: 18 - 24/11/2014 09:16:57    1674469


Very difficult topic as there are so many different experiences and points of view with alcohol. As a University student myself I am in the prime of health and fitness, of course alcohol isn't a necessity to have fun, but it allows people to (so to speak) let there hair down and ignore any social anxieties that they may be afflicted with. Obviously I know that there is under age drinking about, but I assume that this topic is about Senior footballers who are adults and have their own lives and are allowed to make their own decisions. Obviously alcoholism should be discouraged but for the love of god, lighten up about it, very few team bonding exercises are as effective as sitting down with the team mates and having a couple of pints. Let it flow.

GAA_head60 (Down) - Posts: 6 - 24/11/2014 10:17:05    1674485


GAA_head60 thanks for taking the time to put across your point. The response to this thread shows that people care, yes we all have our different views but we all want to get the best our players

Im not saying that drinking is wrong, I myself like it and drink a fair amount of it, too much some would say. But the problem in my eyes is that teenagers are starting around the age of say 16 - 18 and once they get a taste of it their like suckie calves. There has to be a weaning programme started so we can get them off the drink and back out onto the grass in the football fields. If not, these players will fade away one by one and just lose interest in the game.

GAA_head60 are you saying it has a positive effect on a team if it is taken in moderation, if so then I totally agree with you

blackspot15 (Down) - Posts: 18 - 24/11/2014 13:52:13    1674550