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National Hurling League 2014

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Just to say good luck to Gerard and the squad for the upcoming National League (and beyond of course). You all did the county proud last year with your amazing Christy Ring success. Hope you all have a good year which is injury free...and ...that you get the support you deserve from all sections of the county.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 13/02/2014 19:33:44    1545790


Big loss with Magic out for the season. I feel bad for the big lad - he's been in great form of late.

downhurlingman (Down) - Posts: 50 - 14/02/2014 21:50:10    1546298


Solid start against a always dogit Armagh team. I see Meath lost to Wicklow, perhaps they celebrated a little too hard after their Kehoe Cup success. Fair play to the Garden Men and they will be tough and I'm glad we play them in Ballycran and not in Aughrim!

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 444 - 16/02/2014 15:59:18    1546882


Well done yesterday to all. great result and good to see such a spread of scorers.Armagh had good support..pity we did not have as much but hopefully will have all the "won't travel, can't travel" supporters(?) in Ballycran. Great start but worried about the injuries.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 17/02/2014 12:30:29    1547258


Good win by Down yesterday, 340 odd supporters not bad considering there was only 100 odds at the Ulster final. I was a bit bemused to see only one Portaferry player start yesterday, are there a lot of injuries? I think I counted six from the Christy Ring winning team / squad missing, is there a reason for this?

swan song (None) - Posts: 436 - 17/02/2014 13:38:20    1547335


is there a reason for this?

Roy Castle summed it up.

Dedication, dedication
Dedication, that's what you need
If you wanna be the best
If you wanna beat the rest
Oh-oh dedication's what you need;
If you wanna be a record break-er, Oooooh

Oh and with a dry morning a bit of golf down at Kirkistown.

Stiffler done his shoulder in and will be out for a month or two I'd expect.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2458 - 17/02/2014 14:05:42    1547371


bricktop, forgive my ignorance but I find your answer some what hard to understand. I noticed that McGarry, Savage, O'Prey, Conlon Coulter, (who I know retired from the county after the Christy Ring) and Braniff did not start or were missing. Knowing Paul Braniff and his reputation I find it quite revolting that you should question his dedication to hurling, club or county. Obviously you do not know the gentleman. Reading the piece in the Irish news which quoted O'Prey, but forgive me if I am wrong, I took it from that he was playing this season and was training with Sands, Taggart, Conlon, Murray and O'Neil on the county squad.It still leaves a couple of Christy Ring winners from Portaferry unaccounted for. I can only surmise that they have retired, but please forgive me again as I can't put those words to an appropriate song. .

swan song (None) - Posts: 436 - 18/02/2014 15:22:47    1548026


How could you question Andy Savages service for the county either????

Thicktop trying to stir it up already by going over old ground,yawn.... last years news,onwards and upwards.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 18/02/2014 18:09:39    1548174


Conor O Prey got a red card in the Ulster Final against Antrim so I am assuming he was not eligible to play last week. The team are doing very well without all those injured and do not need negativity about who is there and who isn't. Paul Braniff and Andy Savage have been Down stalwarts for years and deserve praise rather than criticism. Good to see young blood coming in and scoring. Paul Sheenan has done well stepping into the free taker role too. get behind the team and stop the silly nonsense. They were magnificent in the Christy Ring Campaign last year and I am sure their goal this year is to get promotion in the league. Hopefully a big crowd in Ballycran this weekend and not only the "faithful few" who made it to Derry and Armagh.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 18/02/2014 18:52:21    1548198


I so confused! Has Paul Braniff retired or is Monan just saving the man's legs until the pitches improve. Paul Braniff is one of Down GAA's best ambassadors and a great servant to Down Hurling over the years. Great to see the young talent coming through. Baille, Dineen and Sheehan all looked good at the weekend. Woods is unreal - reads the game like a book. I watched the entire Armagh game on Armagh tv, Portaferry have it posted on their Facebook page. To be honest we looked alright, but we'll need to improve or we won't win promotion. We got to watch this Wicklow team this weekend - potential banana skin. Good thing it in McKenna Park and I hope we get a solid crowd.

Quick question - who has officially retired from last year championship team?

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 544 - 18/02/2014 19:41:26    1548224


Apparently Paul Braniff, Andy Savage and Owen Clark have retired.

K McGarry and K Coulter a year out and some others havent been asked back with new faces from minors and 21s on board thats what i heard last night but like all county teams it may be just rumours.
Seems strange that Paul Braniff has retired why it hasnt been announced anyway best of luck against wicklow on sunday and hope a huge support turns out for the first home match of the christy ring champions 2013

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 21/02/2014 15:54:45    1549705


Eoin Clarke is training with the county squad,lets hope for a good crowd in McKenna tomorrow to cheer this young team on.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 22/02/2014 11:31:23    1549904


I would be very surprised if Dule is done with the county hurlers - if he did decide to hang up the boots fair play to him and so happy he went out with the CRC above his shoulders. Let get out to McKenna park in big numbers and get behind the lads. Saw the Wicklow/Meath highlights and they looked very good, big, phyical and fast, so we'll have to be at our best.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 444 - 22/02/2014 14:16:40    1549973


Hoping for a big vocal crowd in Mc Kenna tomorrow to cheer the Christy Ring Champions to victory. Lots of people have wanted more matches in Mc kenna so show your appreciation that the powers that be have put half the league matches there. If we get the support out then surely all, or most, of the Ring matches can be played there this year. The boys are doing well but there are lots of injuries to key players so we need to be the 16th man. Get out there in your red and black and cheer. Good luck to mamagement and players.

Co.Down1 (Down) - Posts: 163 - 22/02/2014 15:08:51    1549990


Any team news? I can't find it on the Facebook page or anywhere!

downhurlingman (Down) - Posts: 50 - 22/02/2014 16:49:16    1550015


Excellent win against a team that have beaten us in the recent past. Well done lads!

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 23/02/2014 18:14:23    1550342


Good win today. Thought the Wicklow team would have been better, although we may have made them look bad.Young Conlon not starting this year? or Monan just trying players? I was a few games last year and he always seemed to be one of the best players there?

Cattleman6 (Down) - Posts: 96 - 23/02/2014 18:24:50    1550353


Good victory against a hard physical team we have failed to beat in recent times.
Very disappointing to see such a poor crowd for the match but heartening to see so many young fellas getting their chance to play with some great passages of play from the forwards, brilliant defense and midfield battling hard the whole match.
The lad Dineen seems to be a good find and I believe hes going to play for Ballycran this season next up is Mayo so lets hope we get a big crowd for it

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 24/02/2014 12:02:10    1550593


Great game Sunday though big Finty was great. Why was Donal on the bench? he did come on towards the end, so he must not be injured. Woods was impressive as always. Conlon played twice this year against Fingal and Kildare both in the Kehoe Cup, so he's still on the panel. We've probably played about 25 guys this year so far that's a good sign.

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 544 - 24/02/2014 14:26:47    1550658


Apparently the winner the division gets automatic promotion to 2A - there's no play off this year.

downhurlingman (Down) - Posts: 50 - 24/02/2014 15:49:48    1550718