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Could have been a lot worse than Offaly.

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Doesnt that say it all? No change in a team that lost miserably to Waterford twice already! So much so for the big panel
he brought in! Where is Scott Kinevan, Barry Toner, Sean Collins, Timmy Ryan, Hickeys from Kilmurray, Reidy & Monaghan
from Wolfe Tones, Brian & kieran Considine from Liscannor, and many more gone to?
Was it all a fruitless exercise experimenting with panels if not one of them can replace some of the loosing team
from the Waterford Game! Its not as if the present team lining out are all perfect. Struggling at midfield and in the forwards
the same problems that cant be resolved season after season no matter who comes onto the panel or disappears of itmore to the
point! Even if Clare were to win (which I believe they wont) its a road to no silverware, sooner rather than later
they will depart unnoticed from the championship fully which proves my point why allow div 4 teams a second chance at the championship
when its only the odd div 4 team that takes their second chance well like Wicklow last year but thats the exception!
Its a cul de sac road Clare are facing with an end to it, they wont get through much of it!
Still though I will be keeping an eye on proceedings and how they pan out!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 25/06/2010 12:37:12    686862


Hard luck on ye footballers. They played some super stuff, particularly in the first half, but just didn't have enough come extra time. I thought they were gonna pull off a bit of a surprise. Not a bad game to watch though. Shows that ties that don't look that appealing on paper can actually be decent to watch.

Tongo (UK) - Posts: 1793 - 28/06/2010 12:21:49    689249


A very good performance by Clare and very unlucky not to get the win.
We played some great stuff in 1st half, although in saying that Offaly had some terrible wides. We just missed that extra something to hold onto the lead towards the end of full time. Some great performances, particulary Barry Duggan & Martin McMahon in defence, Gary Brennan in midfield and David Turbridy up front.

Going into extra time you could feel that we had lost our chance, but credit the team from fighting back from 6 points down to get within 2 and almost clinch it when Gordon Kelly missed a great goal chance.
Best of luck to Offaly in qualifiers.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 28/06/2010 13:30:47    689405


Roashter wrote
'Going into extra time you could feel that we had lost our chance'

Roashter you are saying the obvious thats no surprise is it? It just proves my point Clare threw the towel in
I believe. I believe they dont know and are not fit enough to hold out and win games simple as that I believe.

Until such time as Clare football fans (and thats not many me included) wake up and realise that Clare have no quality
midfielders or one average one at best since 92, then they are going no where and thats also stating the obvious.
Self praise is no good , they made no progress this year I believe. Didnt they loose all the 4 last key games that mattered most
against Limerick in Ennis, against Waterford in Dungarvan (and thus lost out in promotion) and against Waterford in the championship
and against Offaly in the championship. In 3 of those games Clare were in control of their own destiny and yet blew the 3 of them
and the other one they got hammered in. Now positive fans explain that to me whay that happened! Because I believe Clare
were not fit enough and have no engine in the team! There are some nice forwards on the team but I believe none of the forwards
are match winners as proven against Offaly and Limerick in the final minutes and to a lesser extinct against Waterford.

Clare is I believe ranked worst after London and Kilkenny and thats fair bad in my opinion so plaeeeeeeeeeease
football fans wake up and smell the coffee and follow hurling because they do with football in Clare is discuss

Actions speaks louder than words and Clare cant do the action!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 29/06/2010 14:59:14    691006


steel: were ye at the game in Tullamore? Cos Roashter has got it pretty much spot on there. Clare mixed it with a county from the next level up for the best part of that match and were one decent finish away from causing an upset. And Kilmurry made it to the A-I club football final, so there are clearly some decent footballers in the county.

Tongo (UK) - Posts: 1793 - 29/06/2010 16:09:26    691131