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3rd best ground in Clare?

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Besides Cusack Park (which is the best) and Milltown Malbay (2nd best) where do you think the best ground in Clare is? if something happened to Cusack Park or Milltown Malbay where do u think the county board wud turn to if Clare had home advantage in an all-ireland championship qualifier? please dont just be biased towards your own club.

KilrushShamrock (Clare) - Posts: 75 - 26/11/2009 00:35:51    494426


what difference does it make where the third best ground is?? This is a bizzare question! Surely if Ennis is not available
then Miltown! Anyway to answer it , id say Cooraclare and I am neutral! Sure they have a stand at least! Doonbeg maybe
next as they have a stand also but a bad pitch surface very boggy! As for Kilrush incase you are wondering Shamrock
ye have no stand and ye should have as ye have the biggest populated parish in west clare! Are ye not the capital town
of west clare? Ye should be the kingpins and example for clare football which supposedly is in west clare.
Looking at yer performance on and off the field in the last 25 years with team performance and facilities I am afraid
ye havent been a great example! Part of the blame for the poor county team has to rest at yer door in kilrush! GET REAL!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 26/11/2009 11:02:32    494602


we are kingpins of clare football. 21 senior titles boy! and thats gonna be 22 this time next year. we were beaten by a last minute point by kilkee in this years championship... robbed!!! we easily have the beating of Kilmurry and you'll see that next year. sure donal o'sullivan is the best midfielder in the county by a country mile! jack daly is coming home in 2010

KilrushShamrock (Clare) - Posts: 75 - 26/11/2009 14:54:46    494880


ive played in milltown malbay and have found it to be an excellent pitch. i doubt there will be ever a situation when cusack park and milltown are both unavailable for a championship match!!!

LovelyCounty (Leitrim) - Posts: 69 - 27/11/2009 00:47:03    495748


SHAMROCK HEY THE BOY! Boy! Ye havent a hope in hell of getting title 22 next year especially if you think a player like Donal Sullivan is going to do it for ye! Hehhe Where boy! is John Hayes gone to? Why is not he playing for Clare? Or is he so sorry for correctly getting Paul Galvin sent off the season before last that he is emotionally hurt and will never again play for Clare! I know ye are soft in Kilrush and deep down love kerry lads rather than outplay them! Sure ye are more closer to kerry id say than east clare! I would say ye would nearly support a kerry club team in a munster club final before an east clare club? Thats why too west clare of which ye are capital are at times very foolish and easily misled by kerrymen who ye allow to train ye both at county and clubs!!!! Finally GET ur facts right Shamrock! Did you not know that the great Clare player Noel Roche of kilkee who won a munster championship with Clare in 1992 against Kerry played for Ireland numerous times against the Australians! Also Frankie Griffin the great kilrush shamrock I think played for Ireland for a bit not as much as Noel Roche but a bit. Je Shamrock you dont know your GAA as much as you let on! Anyclareman would know Noel Roche played for Ireland! PS its time ye won a county championship 1987 is a long time ago! 21 titles boy for a town with the biggest population and capital of west clare is nothing to shout about much in 125 years of the GAA this year and nearly 25 years since ye won one! Its time for ye to win one and stop talking about it!!! STEEL

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 27/11/2009 13:04:28    496003


The last I heard of John Hayes was that he broke his leg playing rugby in the past year, and as far as I'm aware still has not returned to playing football.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 27/11/2009 17:25:09    496283


Steel, i have got to agree with you......Kilrush Shamrocks are a joke.....Quilty are the best team in Clare by a bit and then followed by Doonbeg, without a doubt.. Kilrush overachieved getting to the Championship semi final and lost to a poor Kilkee team....i am a Clareman by the way, working away.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 27/11/2009 19:07:11    496378