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Are Westmeath really a young team?

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Just wondering about all the comments of Westmeath being a young team? Are they true? I'm open to correction on some ages.
Starting team v Louth:
Darren Quinn 23/24?
Damien Dolan 25?
Kieran Gavin 25?
Kevin Maguire 23/24?
Ronan Foley 28
Paul Sharry 24/25?
James Dolan 24?
John Heslin 22/23?
David Duffy 29
Kieran Martin 24
Ger Egan 24?
Callum McCormack 23/24??
Dessie Dolan 35?
Ray Connellan 21/22?
Denis Glennon 30
Average age 25.5
If those ages are correct then it's not really that young! Sounds like the perfect balance of plenty of youth with some old heads! Just don't like "a young team" being used as an excuse!

notsoyounglad (Westmeath) - Posts: 2 - 08/08/2014 11:53:00    1633337


well done to the delegates on wednesday . how can a county board stand over the sacking of pat flanagan
who brought us up 2 divisions and then stand ovef a manager who did not win a game .

mickcunningham (Westmeath) - Posts: 1234 - 08/08/2014 13:10:15    1633388