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Might be an old topic or just common knowledge but I'm wondering why the NACB doesn't have a county hurling team to compete with other boards...are you done laughing? I know an NACB Hurling team wouldn't be competetive with the Irish counties but even so, shouldn't the effort be made anyway? An NACB county team could at least play against canada and new york, maybe Australia right?

mckeen (USA) - Posts: 1 - 24/11/2010 21:17:40    822390


I brought up the similar topic in relation to an NACB county football team. Playing a new York, canadian, australian or even another British team in a competion to qualify for the Connacht championship. Would bring a competitive edge to games also...this topic gets scoffed at everytime it is brought up however

greenhead (USA) - Posts: 51 - 24/11/2010 21:50:18    822412


This would be a very tough sell due alot to the expense of it.Back in the late 80's a NAB Hurling Selection played NY it was a tough day for NAB.They didn't get to practice together.The 1st time some of these players met was in the dressing room.The management team spent alot of time on the phone etc.I beleive that in each city San Fran , Chicago and Boston/Philly they had tried to have training sesssions.When it came to Boston it was rained out.The Manager was Pat Uniacke(San Fran) and his Selectors were Joe Quirke(Chicago)and Sean Lyons(Boston).

bstn_tom_tribe (USA) - Posts: 24 - 25/11/2010 13:07:12    822574