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I think its great to hear all the interest in hurling among American college students. Just curious, how are they are getting on with equipment? Do they receive support from any other organizations?

kilflynn (Kerry) - Posts: 64 - 08/10/2010 14:39:27    792746


The clubs are givin a start up pack of a few hurleys, helmets, and sliothars but after that they mainly fund themselves.

ballyduff2010 (Kerry) - Posts: 1 - 13/10/2010 16:08:51    795689


There's a committee set up to manage it called the NCGAA, it's supported by the NACB and NYCB. See There's a motion going into the NACB convention asking for a bit of financial support from clubs for the college program. It's badly needed because they are struggling on the equipment front, which is a big deal for hurling.

eamonnca1 (USA) - Posts: 6 - 25/10/2010 08:02:17    802971


The NCGAA is currently just the North American cities.The NCGAA is doing well out west as it is hurling
NY is doing college football and under age hurling. NY sends a team to compete each year to the British University games in feb.
NY is doing it's own thing in regards to the college structure being run by both the NY minor board and NY senior board since their strcutre has been working in promoting the under age programs in regards to the minor board. No other city has the club structure anywhere near what NY has. Nor does any city hvae a true minor board.

Cleticthrunthru (USA) - Posts: 28 - 25/10/2010 17:13:12    803229