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It was explained at the meeting yesterday(30th Sept.) that the teams had the options of playing: Tuesday night; Wednesday Night; Thursday night; Friday night; or Saturday. Sunday was ruled out because two football finals cannot be played on the same day. When Armagh would not agree to any the game was then scheduled for the date on which it had been originally scheduled since . Both clubs had reps. at all the meetings leading up the playing of the final and raised no question.
Then came the height of hypocricy: The team that did not take the field for the Tuesday game then lodged two objections against players who played Sunday on the other team. A case of holding the other team to rules of the association but....fill in the rest yourself.

P. Rooney (USA) - Posts: 64 - 01/10/2010 17:21:08    788469


Brother, thought they should have being fined $6,000 which is what Cavan were made pay when they pulled out of final some years ago.

P.Rooney (USA) - Posts: 99 - 02/10/2010 13:17:44    788806


why cant 2 finals be played on the same day money?

meath_nyc (USA) - Posts: 3 - 02/10/2010 18:21:47    788966