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Football in New York

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Im moving to new york for the summer does anyone know how to get in touch with clubs over there? Any email addresses or anything?

KunAguero (Sligo) - Posts: 98 - 03/01/2010 22:14:03    523657


If you are moving or thinking about moving to London and are interested in playing gaelic football then why not think about joining North London Shamrocks GFC. The North London Shamrocks are based in the Enfield area of North London. Players of the club hail from all over the north London area. We have our own training facilities and are also one of the very few London clubs who have access to their own pitch.

North London Shamrocks are a very progressive club and reached the London intermediate football final in 2008 where we were beaten in a replay. We have a thriving underage club and we entered a reserve team into competition for the first time this year. We're also a very friendly bunch of lads and always welcome new faces down to the club. If you're interested in playing Gaelic football and expanding your social network please get in touch. You can contact the club by email at [email protected] or by logging on to the website for further contact details.

NL_Shamrocks (UK) - Posts: 95 - 05/01/2010 15:36:04    524950


will cost a fortune in travel to play for this lot

dumptruck (Wexford) - Posts: 188 - 13/01/2010 17:30:11    532157