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Denver hurling in Febuary/March

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Just wondering does anyone know if the Denver Gaels hurling team will be back training in late Febuary or early March? I will be headin to Denver around this time to visit a few friends and would love to attend a training session or two while in the area if at all possible. I think it's a credit to the members and people involved to have a well run hurling club in this part of the US away from all the traditional Irish hubs like Boston and New York. It can only be good for hurling to support clubs like this and encourage the development of the game in similar areas and cities. I know the weather probably wont be up to much around that time of year but I just thought id ask and see if there was any chance of something being on. Any information is much welcomed and appreciated.

wing back (Offaly) - Posts: 115 - 20/12/2009 08:01:05    518811


Whether you play or not Denver is a great City. Make sure you get a trip up to Vail. Great spot.

blu (Down) - Posts: 1240 - 21/12/2009 20:07:45    519961


Wing Back, Officially there is no scheduled outside hurling in Denver untill after Paddy's Day. However, drop the club an e-mail at [email protected] and you can be included in notifications of pick up games when the weather is good during that time. The weather in Colorado can have 70F days that time of the year with the next day being 15F. Always loads of sunshine. We play indoor hurling and gaelic football during the winter too. 6 a side for both. Works real well and the hurling is soooo fast. The facility is brand new with the turf you can wear studs on. It has walls and glass just like ice hockey with a net covering the entire field so the game rarely stops. We use the regular sliothar. Does wonders for the short game. Goals only.

Dubfan Abroad (Dublin) - Posts: 282 - 23/12/2009 02:43:14    521158