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Gaelic Football in New Jersey

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have just been offered a job and will be based in new jersey and was wondering who the local team is?? due to my job and hours i will not be available to play but would be looking to train whenever i can just to keep myself involved. any help would be much appreciated - thanks

ehu09 (UK) - Posts: 52 - 16/12/2009 15:25:58    515506


Depending on where you will be based you may be closer to Philly than NYC. Either way, there are no teams that regularly meet to train in New Jersey. Most teams run around Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and practice kicks between posts made from umbrellas and traffic cones...some more fortunate teams meet in Randall's Island which is even further away from NJ. Dunno what they do down in Philly but I can't imagine it involves too many nutritionists or ice baths either.

Buy yourself some good sneakers and hit the roads my will not stay fit training with GAA teams in NYC.

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 16/12/2009 18:16:47    515748


A bit harsh there Shinkicker but probably true. ehu09 I would say unless you are living/working in the Newark/Hoboken/Jersey City area forget about training in NYC and if you not living in the Cherry Hill/Camden area forget about Philly. If you are a good player some teams might bring you up for a match but it'll be too far for training unless you are close by.

pauk123 (USA) - Posts: 188 - 18/12/2009 15:57:36    517748