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The Blues and K/K

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Another great result for the Blues yesterday in an exciting match , a lot of credit must go to the Blues for their never say die spirit none more so than what was witnessed yesterday.

Tullamore will be underdogs again for the final just bring it on!!!!!!!

phoenixflames (Offaly) - Posts: 15 - 04/10/2010 11:18:18    789653


' Mon the blues!!

Rhodejim (Offaly) - Posts: 2888 - 04/10/2010 11:43:45    789679


This match was a disgrace to the game of hurling. Unless our county board gets proper referees to ref matches,all games will end up as a shambles like yesterdays.. I was at the game,and to be honest it was the ref who lost K/K that game. Tullamore did not look like they were going to beat K/K at any stage during that game.But then we have the ref who took 3 mins to figure out which K/K lad he was sending off, then decided to sent off the wrong fella, which caused so much upset to spectators,so just imagine how the players themselves felt.This totally upset the whole match. To give one fella a red card and then to change his mind and give the other fella a red card,(the other fella who was the far side of the field to the incident that took place). And in fairness to 2 tullamore players,they approached the ref and told him he had the wrong fella,but the ref ignored these players. It was a digrace to the GAA.The ref was not in control of that game yesterday. It was an unfair result.Fellas put hard training in all year and to be beaten in a semi final by the incompendence of a ref.

hurlus (Offaly) - Posts: 6 - 04/10/2010 18:12:19    789961


Great win for the town .this team have great fight and love to prove the doubters from the south wrong .kevin martin will bd a huge addition in the final as his power makes space for dooley the magnificent .should be a cracker in the final with the town just shading it .2 in a row here we come .

liffo (Offaly) - Posts: 649 - 04/10/2010 18:19:55    789966


kk lost the match for themselves some of them had no interst in hurling all they wanted to do was fight. fair play to tullamore. come on coolderry

faithful.tom (Offaly) - Posts: 6 - 04/10/2010 21:24:52    790158


I agree with you on one thing hurlus, the ref had a poor game but with so much going on i couldn't blame him he didn't get much help from his linesman. He did send of the wrong man I thought he had the had the right man the 1st time ,as for the other two sending offs that was harsh , straight reds and they didn't even strike one another. As for the K/K supporter coming onto the field what a joke , the stewards opening back up the gate and let him back into the stand I couldn't believe it he should of been put out of the ground

phoenixflames (Offaly) - Posts: 15 - 05/10/2010 10:51:49    790280


Yes I do agree with you Pheonixflames on the fact that the K/K supporter should have being put out of the field,along with whoever else jumped from the stand to get involved,it was a sad day for hurling when you see the likes of this happening at a match. But in fairness,it was a senior semi final and if the ref did not have the compendence to take charge of this game,then he should not have bein there. We have all seen the same ref .refereeing other games throughout the year,and from where I was,there was a lot of speculation bout his ability to take charge of this game,and the speculation was proved right. 3 mins of injury time,on top of everything else,it took him that length to figureout who he was giving the red card to. There should have being at least 10 mins injury time played. It was a sad day for offaly hurling,and I think the county board need to step up to the mark now.

hurlus (Offaly) - Posts: 6 - 05/10/2010 13:05:56    790402