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Rhode vs Shamrocks Review

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Well lads, what did everyone think of this game, honestly don't think the score justifies the game but Rhode were always going to win the game in my opinion. I thought the refereeing was poor, everything seemed to go in Rhodes direction.

So it's the big one Rhode vs Clara, what ye all think? In my opinion Rhode looking weak at times, I predict Clara to go and do it again...

faithful4ever (Offaly) - Posts: 209 - 02/10/2010 18:46:21    788976


your dead right there. the referee was poor. and seemed to favour rhode a bit alright. Paschal was immense, hes passing and fielding were unreal. best midfielder in the county?

Rhodejim (Offaly) - Posts: 2888 - 04/10/2010 09:14:00    789560


rhodejim your spot on paschal was simply class, the best player on the field by a country mile.i taught rhode deserved their win, they are a great team with some sublme talent at their disposal, and with the genius that is nial mac you always have a chance...he is out of this world. darby cleaned ward for the second year in a row and the younger darby wfinished great tipping over lovely scores. anton was quite but scored as good a goal as youll see anywhere. shane sullivan was so so while young murphy was tore a sunder by nigel dunne..dunnes shooting was poor and that saved murphy blushes a little bit as dunne bet him to every ball and was shamrocks only player to play well....he'l b surely given a run at no.11 next year for offaly. malone was poor but id fancy him to have a good county final...

johnz (Offaly) - Posts: 32 - 04/10/2010 11:01:30    789638


Johnz, i didnt think rhode were that good. your summerising of rhode players is spot on. Murphy got it tough, and will continue to get it hard in the county final. darby was good, david hope was grand. Heavey was good, shane had the easiest day out he'l ever have, robert leavy did nothing wrong.roy was good for as long as he could be, super was super. niall darby i thougt was only middlin, should have taken goals in the second half i thought. PK 10/10, paudge sull was only middlin,two points in the second half saved him.nialler 10/10, anton was alright, great goal great pace, jim coffy/glenn o'connal, alright.

in fairness, and i say this with all due respect, shamrocks were chronic and had only a handfull of players.rhode should , if they have ambitions , hammered them. i fear for rhode in the county final, i really do. the back line is only adequate. they really miss jack kilmurrays strength. nialler and anton should have enough for any backline but paschal has to midfield on scotty.

Rhodejim (Offaly) - Posts: 2888 - 04/10/2010 11:43:17    789677


ye i agree with your assesment rhodejim...i just feel yee have great 'oul' confidence and it showed on saterday. i know shamrocks are a poor team who may have been lucky to reach this far in the championship...but rhode can only beat whos in front of them and i suspect they can raise their level another couple of gears for the 'grudge' final against clara. this could be a classsic but i suppose anytime we build something up we are let down, i have a feeling rhode will avenge last year but only just 'cause clara possess serious pedigree aswell...

johnz (Offaly) - Posts: 32 - 04/10/2010 12:17:57    789707