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Fixtures Committee a disgrace

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The fixtures committee in Offaly Gaa are a disgrace, who do not seem to care about lower divisions or smaller clubs. They saw fit to fix the semi-final of the div 4 league for Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in Ballycommon. Daingean who played in the semi final also had 5 players involved in a Minor Quarter final played that morning at 12pm. Why the big rush with the semi final of the league now when the last league game Daingean played was on July 1st could this not have been played next weekend or even on a Saturday afternoon. Why do the county board insist on trying to kill clubs with matches one after the other with a 1 hour break from one game to the next. It is unfair on the players of our games and i think a disrespect to the div 4 league. The second semi final is not even fixed yet. By the way Daingean won by 7 points.

littleislandlad (Offaly) - Posts: 22 - 26/09/2010 21:29:51    784469


Sure its not too different from the Divison 1 league Final. I think Tullamore had a Huring Championship match on a Saturday evening a couple of weeks ago which half the football team would be playing. The county board then fixed the league final to the Sunday morning. Tullamore asked to have the fixture changed to let the players rest. County Board disagreed to which Tullamore said they cant play the match. The county board then gave the league to Rhode. How disgraceful is that.

Offalyguy (Offaly) - Posts: 26 - 27/09/2010 10:20:34    784585


Completely agree with you on this. The fixtures committee have been a disgrace all year in my opinion, and many another year too.
Regarding that particular Daingean/Ballinagar game, the hurry to play this off seems quite odd considering that the other semi-final is between Tubber and Clonmore Harps. Clonmore Harps are surely not going to let this semi-final take place anytime in the next 2-3 weeks as they have far bigger fish to fry. I believe Daingean tried to get this game called off and had their request refused yet another club in the county over the weekend had a similar request granted on exactly the same grounds that Daingean had sought the cancellation. The smaller guy will always get stepped on, especially in Offaly.

OffalyBigBall (Offaly) - Posts: 614 - 27/09/2010 10:46:00    784614


Offalyguy we would have had no problem playing the game on the saturday at least the players would be getting a few hours break, in this case the players were getting all of 1 hour between games. totally unfair system. There does seem to be an awful rush to get games played off towards the end of the year when students are away and evenings are shorter why these games cannot be played during the summer beggers belief its not as if every club in the county affects the prospects of our senior all ireland winning team!!!!!!!!

littleislandlad (Offaly) - Posts: 22 - 27/09/2010 21:42:44    785445