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Can anyone name the cups

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Can anyone tell me the names of the cups played for in the offaly competitions. i know that the senior Football is the Dowling and senior Hurling is the Robbins i know that the football junior b cup is the McCormack cup but does anyone know the names of the others. Football: Intermediate, Junior A and Junior c U21 and minor. And Hurling Intermediate Junior A,B and C and U21 and minor. Any help would be much appriciated.

littleislandlad (Offaly) - Posts: 22 - 08/09/2010 21:53:44    769432


The Intermediate Football cup is the Bill Kelly and i think the Intermediate Hurling is the Fr Cleary. Don't Know the others!

ballyman81 (Offaly) - Posts: 3 - 09/09/2010 14:38:54    769879


the ifc cup is the bill kelly ,a great geal from the hungary village of ballycumber,the ihc cup is the father carey cup,donated by his family from k/k i think, the mhc is the fca cup i am sure but not sure where it came from

luker (Offaly) - Posts: 107 - 09/09/2010 21:50:44    770517