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Injured footballers? You need to do Pilates!

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Firstly, Pilates is not just "for wimmin". It was devised by a prisoner of war in WW2 with nothing else to do bar get injured lads stretching...and with great results. Basically for those who don't know it's exercises on a mat to strengthen your core and spine, giving you greater flexibililty and range of movement, and ultimately helping you to stay injury and pain free. Several inter county teams are using it as part of their training programs, as are the All Blacks, Munster rugby team, professional athletes and golfers (pilates can actually increase your drive by 20yrds!) if it's good enough for them it's definitely worth considering!!
Pilates classes for MEN ONLY are starting next Tuesday night in Tullamore Parish Centre at 8pm for 6 weeks for anyone interested in getting a stronger back and core.

PilatesPro (Offaly) - Posts: 5 - 07/07/2010 18:42:14    699747


im surprised it hasnt been introduced 4 or 5 years ago into the gaa set-up

balboa (Offaly) - Posts: 100 - 08/07/2010 17:33:30    700690


a few clubs in Offaly have done it in pre-season training for a few weeks. Went well and stood to them by all accounts... A few physios and chiropractors have been tryin to get lads to take it up, but find v few will go to mixed classes (for whatever reason!). So the men's classes will focus on typical men's problems e.g. weak lower back, tight hamstrings & quads etc...

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I have trouble with my back and hamstrings for the last couple of years but started pilates over the Winter and found it made a huge difference, strengthening up my core, taking alot of pressure off my lower back and hamstrings. Id recommend it, it will make a make difference and the excercises you can do at home on the floor watching tv.

gianfranco (Offaly) - Posts: 100 - 09/07/2010 09:07:32    701029


They are indeed very good in preventing injuries. Hard work but worth it.

curious George (Offaly) - Posts: 861 - 09/07/2010 10:29:19    701101


Following on from the success of the last term of Men's Pilates, a new 8 week course is kicking off on Wednesday nights, 8pm, from September 15th. Venue is the hall in St. Philomena's School (girl's N.S.), Tullamore.
Good idea for anyone wanting to strengthen their core and remain injury free in 2011.

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Sorry Men's Pilates is at 7pm, not 8pm....

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