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Kildare seem to be making good progress at hurling lately. Just wondering how many clubs are they? Also is there any colleges teams? Like a Kildare colleges team?

moomoo (Kerry) - Posts: 4023 - 21/09/2012 16:25:58    1270333


There are only about 8 Hurling only clubs the rest about 12 are attached to football clubs. I have never heard of a kildare college team in hurling entering a colleges championship.

lilywhite1 (Kildare) - Posts: 2966 - 21/09/2012 19:51:24    1270476


NUIM compete in a inter-varsity competition

lifebuoy (Cavan) - Posts: 628 - 22/09/2012 11:04:04    1270594


IF you mean a team that competes in the Harty cup then no but it's a good idea I know Dublin have a Dublin colleges full of lads from different school and they compete against the forces of flannans and st kierans. Third level competitions nuim got to a semi final last year though I would like to see them give scholarships to players from Dublin and Offaly rather than local lads

hgzfxh (Kildare) - Posts: 317 - 22/09/2012 13:17:36    1270630


Kildare Colleges HUrling teams was up for debate during this year but the county board said that it would take footballers away form minor football training an would not facilitate it.

Rambo (None) - Posts: 109 - 24/09/2012 09:57:35    1271461


Everything is revolved around football and not many footballers played hurling this year. I think it's a good idea and I hope they re-discuss it this year

hgzfxh (Kildare) - Posts: 317 - 24/09/2012 11:30:57    1271539