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What is the problem with Galway Football?

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Replying To FallenStar:  "When you have official club pages (amongst the 17'000 already following it) sharing it's updates, then it's very hard to make it irrelevant.

If this person solely relied upon copy and pasting HoganStand articles with county wide match updates, I would hand it to him. However, he is using the page as a public forum to spout his opinions that do nothing but stoke divisions/reactions in Galway GAA. There is nothing constructive the clown has offered as a solution to everything he whines about and worse still, he hides from any direct response. There are people here who have already been blocked because they had the temerity to challenge him. There is something I find wrong about someone with that level of childish mental capacity to be running a page for Galway GAA as an official account. But hey, that's just me

You're either an official forum or social commentator, he is neither. He is someone who has ample amounts of time to be plagarising official reports and putting picture collages together thinking he is important.

A much greater emphasis should be placed on the Tribesmen GAA team and to support the work they do. Again, I'm not 100% sure how much more they can do but it isn't helping in the slightest to have someone deliberately trying to undermine their work and Galway GAA imo."
A fine bit of plagiarism on that page this morning, taken an article word for word from (this website) and pasted it on his page. No credit given to the person who wrote it.

MTS (Galway) - Posts: 266 - 15/01/2018 12:52:28    2068468


I noticed recently he was giving credit on some posts. However, the large majority of the stuff is copied word for word with a picture thrown in for good measure. With the exception of sportsfile, whose images are always watermarked, all of those images are probably robbed as well. The only original content would be his own videos, which are nothing groundbreaking to be perfectly honest.

He's not the first to plagarise online, nor will he be the last. But once again it feeds the perception he is official. It's also gives a level of credibility to the original whinging posts he creates all by himself. The posts that ask questions but don't offer any answers or allow for arguments against whatever it is he is crying about.

I recently was bestowed the honour of being banned from the page. I'm surprised it took that long because I actually named him in one of his posts. Belclare, assuming you looked the Twitter account @Galway4SAM up, did the name ring a bell for you?

FallenStar (Galway) - Posts: 297 - 15/01/2018 15:24:23    2068509


He must be reading this forum. He's finally begun to credit Hogan Stand for articles, after a good 8 years of copy and pasting.

Wonder if sportsfile will get onto him next?

FallenStar (Galway) - Posts: 297 - 02/02/2018 20:24:55    2073468