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The Future Of London GAA After Covid-19

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Two good battles in the senior Semi Finals at the weekend. Good to see big crowds out at games again.

Jamie Clarke must be allowed to travel to play under the elite sport rule. Good comeback from Neasden in the second half but TCG with better strength in depth across all positions. Thought the Fulham v Kiernans game was alot better quality and fancy Fulham to go on and win it now. However TCG always raise there game in Finals! Kiernans will be disappointed to lose out, looked the better team for much of the game in all honesty. Staunton was class kicking frees all day for Fulham and that kept them in it whenever Kiernans looked to increase a lead. Fulham's experience was crucial in extra time.

Will likely be the same teams going for the 2021 championship this year too, unless any of the rest have made some good signings??

Offtheball10 (Meath) - Posts: 7 - 11/05/2021 14:27:01    2341114


Replying To Silverfox79:  "Good to see a few big games back being played the weekend. I was also surprised to see Neasden put up such a strong fight against TCG, seemed a close enough game. I watched the Brendans v Eire Og game which was low scoring but quite an even contest for the most part. Brendans pulled away late on with their big inside forward doing all the damage. I would fancy them to beat Dulwich convincingly in the final as apparently Dulwich have lost some of their guys from last year. I also stayed on and saw Harlesden hammer Wandsworth. Seems to be HH and Clarets way ahead of the rest so hopefully should be a decent Junior final."
TCG don't seem to be as strong as last season so would expect Fulham to turn them over in the final. Brendans won easy in the end, they seemed fitter and better organised against an Eire Og team that seemed to throw in the towel quite easily even with the extra man. Dulwich have been going well this past few years so that has the making of a good final. Be some achievement if Dulwich were to gain senior status considering they struggled to win junior for a number of years. Harlesden should win junior, they seem to have a strong panel again this season and recruited well this past year or so.

whoareya (Donegal) - Posts: 53 - 11/05/2021 17:08:30    2341142


Have to say a little surprised by the senior semi finals. Didn't think TCG v Neasden would be as close and to the honest thought Kiernans would beat Fulham - but I might have been a bit blinded from knowing a few Kiernans people.

Don't think Dulwich will have enough to come through their final. They are definitely missing a few established players but they've been on a great journey the last few years.

Not too surprised by the junior match up. Wandsworth seem to be notoriously slow at starting each year so I think it went to plan with Harlesden giving them a good hiding. I don't think though come later in the year it will be as simple as whoever loses the 2020 final will coast the 2021 championship. Think Tara will have a word to say and Wandsworth will probably be back up there again.

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Who's looking good for the hurling this year??.
Hope they stream last years county final I see its on the weekend if the 20th june..

edshamrocks (Wexford) - Posts: 339 - 14/05/2021 13:22:18    2341682


New to the board...Lots of interesting fixtures this weekend

McCurtains v Fulham Irish - Think Fulham will take this comfortably in prep for the championship final. Looked really impressive in their win over Kiernans last weekend. Irish by 7/8 points

St Kiernans v Round Towers - St.Kiernans should have enough on their new home patch which looks a tremendous set up i must say. St.Kiernans by 4

Tir Chonaill Gaels v North London Shamrocks - TCG looked rusty last weekend against Neasden in the semi final however I don't know much about NLS and how they have recruited over the winter period. On that basis I would tip my cap towards TCG on taking this - TCG by 6

Does anyone know what the story is with Cu's?

St Brendans V St Clarets - St clarets very underwhelming last weekend in the junior champ. However many of their signed players should be eligible for the league and i think this one will be a lot closer than what you may think. St Brendans have made a strong start so far. will say Brendans by 3

Dulwich Harps V KKG - Not sure what to make of Dulwich at this point. Defeated a very poor Parnells team who made it to the intermediate semis by default. Have they lost a few players from 2020? KKG seem to have recruited reasonably well. KKG by 4

Garryowen V Tir Chonaill Gaels - Garryowen have started impressively racking up some good scores in their first two outings. How are the next lot on the TCG production wheel shaping up? Garyowen by 6

St Josephs V Eire Og - Joes are stuttering big time after Brendans beat them well in the first outing and the struggled to get beyond Clarets. Never seen the Eire Og game last week v St Brendans, but it appears that Brendans were very comfortable from any accounts I have heard. Although Joes have struggled to get going I would expect them to be too strong for Eire Og. Joes by 5

On the 2020 championship

TCG V Fulham - A real tussle between the two heavyweights once more. If the games are anything like the 2019 finals we will be in for a treat. Hard to know what shape TCG are in based on last week and Fulham looked really sharp.
I will go for a Fulham win...just.

Brendans V Dulwich - Dulwich don't look as impressive as they did coming through the league last year. They must have lost a few players along the way since then. Brendans in the first two league games looked strong and have some tidy player. Think Brendans to take the intermediate

HH V Clarets - Clarets have recruited well for the 2021 season however as many of those players are not eligible to play within the 2020 championship it weakens their team significantly. Harlesden look strong through the middle and I would expect them to win this one well.

Isnt it great to have football back!

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