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Minor Squad 2016

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Does anyone have any opinion on the minor squad for next year! Seems like a few great wee players from the smaller clubs are not getting a shout. I hear it was cut after two separate trials. Then a further cut for the final group. Seems a bit rash to me!!

RosleaHero1 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 5 - 03/11/2015 20:45:00    1804234


Cuts normally take place after trials...

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 04/11/2015 12:13:51    1804340


I think you are missing the point.... they don't usually cut after 1 trial and since the is Nov 2015then they might of had time to include all the possibly good players and not miss out on the others. Unless MacRory squad = Minor squad!!

RosleaHero1 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 5 - 04/11/2015 12:29:09    1804345


If they don't like what they see they aren't in. There is always the chance they can get themselves back in if they are good enough.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 04/11/2015 15:11:18    1804409


Gotmilk - thanks for response. I did ask for others views.

Don't think they can impress to get back in when the county minors are playing the league before or at the same time as the club minors. The manager is hardly going to view different club matches - that would be unreasonable.

However we had a so called 'development squads' where a lot of players especially the soccer boys did not attend but now end up on the panel.

What's the point of 'developing squad' of lets face it - handballers!!

I still think that a bit of careful selection would be better. 1 session and 'your off' is hardly right - all coaches that have to reduce players will realise that different factors such as one trial having better players, one lad marking a really good player, a lad having 1 off day or getting knocked off/on because the coach is unsure of every one of the 50-60 lads for each trial.

My point is we had time to select to get it right.

Could the future minor manager not take a few years of the 'developing' squads to train them into his style and really get to know his best panel and team. This would be real 'development'.

Some players left off are easily better than 10/15 or so panel members.

When's the last time the county won a minor championship match and when is the county going to 'develop' squads properly!!

RosleaHero1 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 5 - 10/11/2015 10:01:09    1805823


paddy reihill from enniskillen is a shoe in for minor captain in 2016

1111 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 29 - 17/11/2015 15:56:28    1807992