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Roslea Shamrocks - A good team or a GREAT team?

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This question hadn't actually ever popped into my head (already giving my opinion away in terms of Roslea just being a good team) but I was talking to my Roslea neighbour last night after Roslea secured the 'double double' as they are calling it (when was this done last) and he felt that this current side (2009 - present) should seriously be considered as one of the greats within Fermanagh...

I thought it was an interesting perspective so I was wondering what others thought on the issue?

My friends opinion was that for a team to win 4 championships, (lost their first final as well) several leagues, two of which were doubles and for their reserve team to win something like 5-6 championships and again several leagues all in the space of 5-6 years that this had to go down as a great team.

My perspective was slightly different. Although agreeing that this was an amazing feat surely it still hasn't matched the likes of Enniskillen in the late 90's early naughty's winning 6 in a row I think (correct me if I'm wrong) Enniskillen also made strides in Ulster something which this current side hasn't really achieved yet. Also comparing them to the Roslea side of the 80's who won 3-4 championships I think and maybe 5-6 league titles in a row and who also got to an Ulster club final...

I think the current Roslea side is the best since the Enniskillen side mentioned above but to consider them as one of Fermanagh's greats.... I'm not so sure. For me another couple of championships and at least an Ulster club final appearance would suffice for a title as such?

What are others opinions on this? What other 'great' teams (presuming you think Roslea are a 'great' team at present) could we compare this current side to? Within measure of course, not sure if you can compare this side to the likes of the teemore side's in the 20's or 30's..

Also congrats to the Roslea lads on a wonderful season I think everyone would agree even though not to many would be to forthcoming in admitting that!

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I agree with your opinion that I think they are a very good team and they have built a strong squad of players that has achieved greatly in the last 5 or 6 years. I think enniskillen did the double double in 1999/2000.

However I don't think they are near the level of Enniskillen in the late 90's early naughties even if Roslea do achieve 6 in a row. Enniskillen were one of the best and most feared teams in Ulster at that time, competing and beating ulster club and all Ireland club champions with the likes of bellaghy, cross and St Galls etc.... and probably should have won a couple of ulster clubs and maybe an all Ireland, cross hammered the teams they met that year in the all Ireland club semi's and final in 1999.

On top of that fermanagh football was probably at its strongest during that period competing in division 1 and division 2 of the national league, i remember Fermanagh beating Meath the reigning all Ireland champions in Brewster park during that time period. So you would have to agree that fermanagh club teams were performing at a much higher level at that time too, so for enniskillen to be top of that pile was definitely more difficult. If you compare that to now fermanagh are a mid division 3 team at best and played in division 4 for a season, so the standard of club football in the county is not at its best, so Roslea don't have much to compete with. But you cant take away from what they have achieved, they have alot of good quality players. You can't really compare them to teams going back more than 30/40 years, football has changed too much. Best of luck to them in Ulster.

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Eh icecream....there were only 2 divisions in the NFL at the time. 1a and 1b and then 2a and 2b.

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