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Pitches unplayable - Why?

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What has happened to all the 'super pitches' which were unplayable at the weekend? For example it's the second time in a few weeks that Brewster Park in Enniskillen has been waterlogged even though a small fortune has been spent on it.

hairyhorse (Fermanagh) - Posts: 94 - 26/01/2014 17:42:51    1536832


hairyhorse it's like the pan calling the kettle black a*** as your own Lisnaskea club has the most waterlogged pitch in the county.

As for Brewster being a bit damp today is not unexpected as the rain has been atrocious this last few days. Our pitch is no doubt the best in the county thanks to the Gaels club and for you to make a sound and dance of the matter is just being arrogant and refusing to accept severe weather conditions this winter.

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 26/01/2014 18:43:17    1536889



You talk some rubbish and are at it AGAIN. There is a lot better pitches in the county that Brewster. Yes you have a great spectator viewing areas, lights etc....a lot paid via Fermanagh County Board, Ulster Council....But your pitch is terrible. The best pitches in the county at the moment are: Lisbellaw HC, Brookborough GFC, Maguiresbridge GFC, Derrylin GFC.

Ferm4Sam (Fermanagh) - Posts: 161 - 27/01/2014 10:03:02    1537097


Just had a chat with an 'expert' on drainage. He says the problem is that the watertable is too high in Brewster. It seems that when it rains the water backs up in the drains as the lough rises and it has nowhere to go till water levels drop - hense the flooding. So: Lissan is TOO HIGH and Brewster is TOO LOW. Where is JUST RIGHT? Can someone ask Goldilocks?

hairyhorse (Fermanagh) - Posts: 94 - 28/01/2014 17:01:26    1537925


Would hardly be at skea where the water table is high all year round! The Tempo pitch wouldn't be a bad comprise?

GalloonBaffoon (Fermanagh) - Posts: 106 - 28/01/2014 20:23:20    1538049


My father says that the Enniskillen pitch moved from one swamp on the Sligo Road to the present position which was originally a swamp too. He said rodents made their home there due to illegal dumping. After years of dumping on the swamp Brewster Park sprung up on the site. He used to remember walking on it and the ground moved back and forth when heavy lorries were driven on it. No surprise to find that at times it can get waterlogged. But in fairness to the Enniskillen club that developed this pitch, it is still a great football ground like no other in the county and better than Tyrones county's pitch at Omagh.

barneytown (Fermanagh) - Posts: 288 - 28/01/2014 20:48:47    1538066


A lot of rain.
Brewster as good as any.
Always made welcome when there.
Good banter in clubhouse.
Hopeforthe same in breffni on sat.

Ladyallstar (Cavan) - Posts: 8 - 29/01/2014 21:06:09    1538576