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New fad - following losing teams and supporters

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We were down south on holiday travelling around and were surprised to find that there a new fad developing in GAA circles involved in following losing teams and their supporters.

In two villages in different parts of the country there were gatherings of young people who had been alerted through social media of beaten teams travelling through their "space". Some face-masks and posters displaying "long faces" are used to banter with "travelling losers". Some followed them in cars but the whole episode seems to harmless humour with no trouble. When we got back home I found out that two guys from Newtownbutler may have been first to start the trend following losing teams and their followers using a tandem.

The main reason I have mentioned this fad is to find out why people prefer to engage in such activities rather than them attending their own GAA games as there is generally a poor attendance at most local club games. Maybe someone could enlighten me to why?

ekn_teacher (Fermanagh) - Posts: 238 - 24/07/2013 18:54:15    1441490


yuor chatting about the inventor macca999 and the galloonbaffoon the newtown tandem men! anyway to your point about attendance at club games you should ask your own gaels club why nas their games are the worst attended in the county?

Coa_gael (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1159 - 25/07/2013 10:15:19    1441798


Should this not be an opportunity to use the tandem men's riding experience to encourage players to be not only fit but as a way of sharing changing roles from time to time as in anything there has to be a bit of give and take. Canavan could apply the same thinking to his team to get more out of them. It has been obvious that the players lack team cohesion as some seeking solo self glory hold on to the ball too long and then lose it. If teamwork is to flourish then management must take on board such issues off selfishness in the game as well as getting back to the basics of marking your opponent rather than waiting for the ball to come to them. Supporters see the same faults repeated game after game, season after season and this pattern has to be broken. Getting back to the tandem, why not use this in training by making these players ride with each other to training rather than the comfort of a car ....even if it was only from Brewster Park to the Lissan county training grounds?

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 209 - 26/07/2013 17:41:43    1443377


04/06/2013 13:00:15
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The Coa poster is probably right that McCusker and O'Brien (Chris - but I cannot see him on the starting team) could hold the cards to Fermanagh's success but it takes a team to win a game and not just two players! However, somehow I cannot see Cavan losing this one as they have victory already under their arm at the moment whereas Fermanagh are an unknown quantity in championship terms this season. They haven't got promoted as many thought they would so it demonstrates that when push comes to shove they fall. The best opportunity would be via the backdoor as they wouldn't beat Monaghan anyway. However, when push comes to shove, those pair, McCusker and O'Brien might operate better this way as they both have experience of the rear entry previously and since both are versatile, they perform well apparently. No matter what happens, it will impact Canavan's management of the team.

Turnip you change your mind often as it this posting in june you say that mccusker/o'brien are key to success yet now you appear to blame them for being selfish with the ball yet did o'brien field? Ok your tandem bonding idea may work but i can't see the county board forking out money for tandems!

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1299 - 26/07/2013 21:25:43    1443563


Now that macca999's favourites teams Mayo and Kerry are in the semis who will he support? Setting on the fence will probably be his position as usual. Whatever happens he is sure to enjoy his favourite pastime of following a losers buses!

Anyway, on a serious note, it looks like a Mayo v Dublin All Ireland final with maybe Dublin completing the many surprises that has marked this seasons championships both in hurling and gealic football.

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 06/08/2013 11:50:57    1454093


Yesterdays man the Dubs were favourites for the championship after the league...how would it be a surprise if they won the championship?

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 06/08/2013 12:30:52    1454150


mccusker, yesterdaysman is probably basing his assumptions after Sunday's performance by mayo which currently makes them favorites. Howeber, why is Kerry being ruled out????

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1299 - 06/08/2013 14:32:55    1454324


Yesterdaysman too should look at how the Gaels find themselves bogged in division two without any hope in the immediate future of getting out of there rather being concerned about the tandem man's activities.
Macca999 would be better worrying how his Newtown team will fair in the c'ship than following Mayo or Kerry or loser's buses.
Mccuskie would be better occupied working out why the county team failed and also preparing for his team's knockout with Tempoo who seem to be on route for another c'ship title.

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 959 - 06/08/2013 21:54:18    1454948


Who's McCusker?

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 07/08/2013 11:51:26    1455221


Take a look in the mirror lad and that's him who holds on to the ball too long and loses it!

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1299 - 07/08/2013 12:42:09    1455315


Lad I haven't kicked a ball since u16 so I can assure you I am not playing intercounty football

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 07/08/2013 12:58:36    1455342