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Replying To TheUsername:  "If Con can make a breakthrough and he can take frees i wonder would we be more comfortable with Rock missing out.

A worry for me is getting ball into the forward line. We have been playing this recycling of the ball and working a score system, i feel we have lost some of our pace and directness and unpredictability as a result.

Maybe something to consider instead of running the ball and allowing a defense to be set up packed, why not try the high ball as varience may be with O Gara and Brogan and Andrews at corner forward. That option allows a measure of unpredictability and Paddy and Bernard a chance to find space or loose their man.

seems to me we have been very one dimensional of late and been unable to get our forwards into the game."
I agree a lack of pace , but the most one dimensional ball is the high ball in Kerry got away with it for one year only and it's easily defended , actually played high balls into the forwards in league final and got cleaned out , for me there are two factors outstanding in the forward line lads out of form , and the fact is the blanket can make you look very poor , hence the recycling / patience we see , take CON for instance how often in his career will he have faced a set up like Carlow , we do need more pace and utilise breaking at speed better

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