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Where has it gone wrong for Down ?

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For me growing up in the 90s Down were the Bareclona FC of GAA, where have things fallen down? ANd what plans are in place to get Downs Senior football side back to where it was?

Panunipa (Mayo) - Posts: 103 - 16/02/2017 03:30:13    1957326


Cahair kane sums in up in the best. Too complacent after success in the 90s

downtothecore (Down) - Posts: 298 - 17/02/2017 18:19:59    1957790


Crazy decisions by the management don't help but majority of the blame has to go to the county board. They have taken it as far as they can. Obviously their hearts are in the right place but think it's time to move on. The results speak for themselves

ciaran08 (Down) - Posts: 168 - 17/02/2017 23:19:20    1957843