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Down Minor Hurliing Championship 2014 (A & B)

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2 very poor teams Mole. I wouldn't waste the deisel!

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1079 - 10/09/2014 13:39:59    1650570


Good evening for the match.. Carryduff will be handy, there they have some lads who will be involved in the Junior Final. Clonduff are a good team too so it should be close

dingle82 (Down) - Posts: 188 - 10/09/2014 14:26:07    1650611


Very harsh Frank...!

Take care, be good, bye bye :)

THEMOLE2 (Down) - Posts: 1615 - 10/09/2014 15:27:05    1650646


Carryduff had a good win in the end.. They have a lot of good players coming through to the senior team.. bodes well for there future.

dingle82 (Down) - Posts: 188 - 11/09/2014 09:55:21    1650829


Yip - ventured over to this one. First half, Carryduff destroyed Clonduff all over the pitch! Their young forward must have scored 5 goals or more - his fielding off the ball and striking was excellent. Carryduff went in at half-time about 20 point up!
Second half saw Clonduff put in an excellent performance and scored some superb goals and points. They were never going to turn the game around BUT if they had played the entire game the way they started the second half, it could have been a different story.

Well done to Carryduff.

THEMOLE2 (Down) - Posts: 1615 - 11/09/2014 12:52:48    1650919


This webpage hasd a brief match report of the 'B' final.


Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1504 - 12/09/2014 12:19:50    1651290


I see Liatroim and Ballygalget cross swords again on Sunday in the minor league final. Should be interesting !

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1079 - 23/10/2014 08:55:49    1666330


League play-off is a strange match to pop up out of knowhere, there hasn't been a Div 1 Minor League match played since the end of July. All of a sudden paper decisions are taken on some unplayed games and hey presto a League Play-off pops up.
Very strange indeed although no dispute that these are clearly the 2 best Minor sides in the county.

downredhand (Tyrone) - Posts: 567 - 23/10/2014 15:13:04    1666554


Is the league final going ahead this afternoon? Youd expect Liatroim to win after the way they won the MHC.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 952 - 26/10/2014 13:38:56    1667280


League play off went ahead in Downpatrick yesterday. Liatroim won easily.

FT: Liatroim 5-15 0-4 Ballygalget.

Good luck to them in Ulster in 2 weeks time.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1079 - 27/10/2014 08:47:20    1667376