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McCartan's Successor?

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What a joke.

Gabriel. (Down) - Posts: 412 - 16/09/2014 18:09:52    1652819


I don't get it Gabriel ,what,s the joke

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 16/09/2014 18:35:39    1652834


How did we go from McEntee apparently on the verge of being rubber-stamped as manager to pulling out of the race entirely? It might be a case of journos losing the run of themselves, but I can't help but feel there's no smoke without fire and the reports that he had agreed terms should've been emphatically quashed. Instead, we have gone from anticipating his imminent appointment to hearing that he is completely out of the running. It's poor stuff on a PR level. It also does no favours to McCorry, who comes in after a week of intensive speculation about McEntee.

I'd be happy with McCorry, who has an excellent record at club level, but the past week has been a perplexing one to be a Down fan.

Gabriel. (Down) - Posts: 412 - 17/09/2014 16:34:38    1653142


There has been a lot of paper talk over this past week or so, and if the Co board was to explain every rumour then someone would have a serious sore throat ,

I do agree that it would be helpful to get it sorted asap, and I do think if it is to be McCorry he will be a first class man

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 17/09/2014 21:38:22    1653243


breaking news..mccrory the man to lead down in 2015.

downtothecore (Down) - Posts: 338 - 18/09/2014 21:46:56    1653660


Was told that McEntee and O'Neill didn't get the job as they were looking for a ridiculous sum of money for it. Not sure how true that is though.

OgraAnDun (Down) - Posts: 406 - 19/09/2014 18:02:36    1654042